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  1. AlanAlanAlan

    The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5!

    I Shall be in attendance this year was a bit gutted missing it last year, always a good night
  2. AlanAlanAlan

    After Party/Meet Up

    Started a group on Facebook if yall wanna join and add people who may not be on the Forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/255837211992575/
  3. AlanAlanAlan

    After Party/Meet Up

    Think last year a lot of people met up at Latmers pub on the main road not too far from the Venue. We will be in there Fri, Sat and Sunday Night if y’all fancy joining us. Alternatively there is a bar a short walk from Hammersmith that has a hire room with Karaoke if anyone fancy’s it and if we have enough numbers.
  4. AlanAlanAlan

    Guest Suggestions

    Timothy Dalton perhaps?
  5. AlanAlanAlan

    After Party/Meet Up

    Ill be drinking each evening off the weekend lol, thinkin that pub we qent to in summer ill find the name of it
  6. AlanAlanAlan

    After Party/Meet Up

    Just wondering if anyones interested in drinks afterwards on the Saturday? Could all meet up in one of the pubs around the venue
  7. AlanAlanAlan

    General Chat

    Anyone up for Pre/After Party Drinks somewhere?
  8. AlanAlanAlan

    General Chat

    Thinking about doing the Weekend and having an afterparty on the Saturday if people are up for it?
  9. AlanAlanAlan

    The 4th Annual Great LFCC Geek Off

    Will be in attendance and smashed as per
  10. AlanAlanAlan

    Found Tom Wilson Diamond Pass

    LOL I found a Jeremy Renner one last year and handed it in! Diamond Pass holders super glue them to your hand!
  11. AlanAlanAlan

    Crew Appreciation Thread

    Big shout out to everyone who volenterred this weekend! Dealing with an event this size and managing to get everything running as smoothly as possible is amazing. So much repect for you guys as i personally would not be able to keep my cool with some of those Hysterical Customer Types when things go wrong that out of your hands, I'd lose my s*** even if i was being paid! So Thank you again can only imagine how much work goes into it, i had an awesome weekend so thank you
  12. Looking forward to seeing everybody from last year and new peeps as well
  13. AlanAlanAlan

    Sons of Anarchy Bike pic query

    I'm very tempted to get the Bike shoot but it is a chunck of change so im just waiting for an announcment on how many and which cast members there putting on the photo
  14. Not sure if ive already put my name down but ill be there again this year was a blast last year!
  15. AlanAlanAlan

    Tickets on sale now!

    Cheers guys