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  1. Excellent. I'll be able to pick up my 3-day wristband on the Thursday on the way to the hotel
  2. I think for the last two years there has been a pub meet up on the Thursday (I believe it started during the 2016 event when there was originally going to be a fourth day on the Thursday, but that got cancelled at the last minute, so forum members who were around decided to get their drinks on) I'm not sure if that is happening this year though
  3. Gryffindor I picked up a Gryffindor flag/banner at a local con over the weekend
  4. I've already replyed to the Facebook event but doing the usual forum reply too I'll be there for sure
  5. Marked as coming on the Facebook event page, but forgot to do so on here
  6. Everything finishes at 6pm (apart from a couple of exceptions), the Mads slot is 17:00-18:00 (5pm - 6pm)
  7. I have a slight clash on the Saturday with Tricia Helfer photo and Mark Sheppard photo. As Tricia's slot starts about 10 minutes before Mark's, I'll assume that the best course of action is go to Tricia's first and show my Mark Sheppard ticket?
  8. I've only just seen this post. I've just purchased entry tickets for the Sunday (26th February at 16:54), can someone confirm that the tickets are vaild?
  9. Excellent. No clashes, but I only have 2 photos booked anyway
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