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Latest guest announcement - CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL


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We are pleased to announce our next guest for EMS 2012:


Christopher Heyerdahl


Marcus - The Twilight Saga

Dieter Braun - True Blood

Bigfoot/John Druitt - Sanctuary

Kevin Reikle - Caprica

Alistair - Supernatural

Todd the Wraith - Stargate: Atlantis

Zor-El - Smallville

Caulder - Blade: Trinity

Rocker - Catwoman

Helion Politico - The Chronicles of Riddick

Pallan - Stargate SG-1


CLICK HERE for his full filmography






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Oh my gosh... He is literally my top guest want.. Supernatural, True Blood, Twilight.. I think I need 6 autographs on various things off the man!!!


How many autos is it you can get at a time and then have to queue again? I forget.


Thanks SM!!! Xx

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