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  1. Great! Was expecting Peter to be more. Cheers!
  2. Prices are in a separate topic. We're awaiting group details. Just spotted lol ta
  3. Fabulous!!!! Can we have prices for extra photos/autos too please x And group numbers x
  4. That's fabulous, thanks for the reassurance Mark!!! Xx
  5. (If people are wondering why we think more gold tickets are going to be sold, someone posted on the ET8 Facebook Group that they'd had an email saying that the organisers had said they were thinking of adding more Gold tickets)
  6. Another one who would not be amused I left myself skint to pay for 2 gold tickets a good few months ago now as there wasn't many left and would be peed off if more got sold and I could have waited. The gold drinks reception is manic enough as it is (and I've never been to one that's actually sold out of golds before!) without adding even more people into it! X
  7. YAY! Mark and Chris Heyerdahl both play Alastair in Supernatural!! VERY HAPPY!!! Thanks SM x
  8. Hi How much will his branded gloves be that he will sign? Thanks
  9. Fabulous, thank you. Here's to hoping he's £15 an auto :-O
  10. Awesome!!! Oh my gosh... He is literally my top guest want.. Supernatural, True Blood, Twilight.. I think I need 6 autographs on various things off the man!!! How many autos is it you can get at a time and then have to queue again? I forget. Thanks SM!!! Xx
  11. Sorry to hear about your grandad Mark Unfortunately I won't know if I can attend this event until the day before due to a hospital scan but am happy to see some news :) Xx
  12. The answer is a few posts above your qu: Yes,mthey will be out. If you have alreay filled in the form you do not have to domit again.
  13. That is fab, thank you so much for your help! Really hope he brings stuff again x
  14. Hiya, When Rob was at Glasgow last year he had stuff he was selling that peeps could get signed.. Does anyone know what he had and how much it cost? Hoping he does the same for here! Cheers
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