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  1. Already met him, but YEY!!! he can sign my True Blood poster now :D
  2. If I had the money I would still have bought gold for this event... but having just found out I'm being made redundant at the end of next month I've had to settle on Standard. I'm gutted! I don't understand why everyone's complaining about the guests either - if an actor/actress has been in TB I want to meet them.
  3. Orlando!!! <3 Purely for Elizabethtown <3 <3 mock me all you like, but I *love* it!!!!
  4. Awesome Thanks David oh cooooool! you're both coming?
  5. This is wicked!! Now I have the horrible task of trying to work out what to wear when! haha
  6. Only with me I'm *definitely* packing my heels then! :)
  7. Sorry you can't make it, dude :-( We could ask Massive Events to get you as a guest? Katie, don't get people's hopes up! If ME want David there, they'll approach him themselves
  8. I didn't even notice you mention that earlier on... but I disagree completely. the wine reception is basically the difference between silver and gold. it wouldn't be fair to those of us who have forked out for gold specifically for it if other ticket categories got it too. PLUS with less guests, the last thing we want is more people in that reception, we'd be lucky to get a hello from each guest!
  9. All our cons are friendly but I would say that Bitten is the most friendly and laid back of the lot! Mark Completely agree... having been to 2 of the Eternal Twilight cons, which are just manic (and early starts, and constant queues, and screaming fangirls) Bitten is sooooo much better :) I think it helps that this is more of an adult con :) Last year's Bitten was the best con ever!
  10. She seems really sorry that she can't make it. She sent me a DM last night on twitter apologising, bless her. I'm really gutted I won't get to meet her.... nevermind...one day! :)
  11. There's a party missing!!!!!
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