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  1. my*wife*says

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Would be fabulous to have Patrick back, he was brilliant before. He is in the group on fb and interacts with us all, would love to see him again x
  2. my*wife*says

    Latest Guest Announcement - BOOBOO STEWART

    What an excellent guest, thanks loads, so looking froward to this :)
  3. my*wife*says

    Question about reshoots

    The usual half closed eyes, middle of speaking, that sort of thing. cheers for your help
  4. my*wife*says

    Question about reshoots

    Hi, I just wondered if for next time and a few people have answered me in fb group but what is the criteria for getting a photo re-shot? I had some pretty bad photos :) What type of problems with the photos would mean re-shoot would be ok? Thanks for any advice for the next ET
  5. my*wife*says


    Fabulous! Loved it all except the Gold Drinks Recep which was cramped overcrowded and too loud to hear what the guests said.
  6. my*wife*says

    Gold drinks reception

    26 people at out table! Couldn't hear a thing that was said. Loads of people were table hopping and following just one guest so made it very hard. Have been before and have always really enjoyed them but not this time
  7. my*wife*says

    Charlie Bewley

    Charlie is a stunning guest, great photo ops, fabulous talks! I would love to see him at the last ET! Maybe SM think if they don't invite him he will buy a ticket and come anyway LOL
  8. my*wife*says

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Hi, Do you have a rough estimate or % of how many gold tickets are left. Seems a lot of people are saying they have got them now. Need to buy when get paid or should we go for the credit card now? Any help would be great xx
  9. my*wife*says

    For SM - what's the limit?

    Sounds to me like we need to get all the tickets sold!! The more tickets sold the more guests we get! What is the total amount of tickets on sale for this event? Gold Silver and Standard? thanks
  10. my*wife*says

    Themes ....

    Could we have a Twilight Freestyle Party? So people can just come in their favourite outfit from any of the films. xx
  11. my*wife*says

    Charlie Bewley

    I would love to see him again!! I think he would probably turn up whether he was a guest or an attendee! Would be great to see him at the final ET XX
  12. my*wife*says

    New Guest Announcement Email?

    Is it the X Files one for Gillian? She was announced for a signing event?
  13. my*wife*says

    ET7 Schedule

    Included gold and silver £20 for standard xx
  14. my*wife*says

    ET7 Schedule

    Gosh! Maybe it's a mistake?