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  1. bondy25

    Step counts?

    35000 on Friday 22098 on Saturday 25282 on Sunday all during show hours lol
  2. If it was true i dont think i could of coped along with Eccleston.... I prob be on hospital
  3. Well the right people are aware of the fake post.
  4. Well it's fake as it doesn't use the typical LFCC branding
  5. bondy25

    Guest Suggestions

    I would love to meet Rose McIver!!
  6. bondy25

    First time as Crew

    Glad you had a great time.. 5 years for me now and never look back!!
  7. bondy25

    First time as Crew

    Oh god the photo distrubution days!!!
  8. bondy25

    Power Rangers

    Got to love the good old Power Rangers!!!! Tanya was my favourite from Zeo and Turbo!!
  9. bondy25

    Big Guest announcement Friday at 7pm

    T-Mius 10 miuntes
  10. Cannot wait to meet Bai!!! Loved her in Angel!!
  11. bondy25

    Merry Christmas.

    Well I hope you all had an awesome xmas!!!
  12. bondy25

    Is anyone missing it already?

    Was a good show and glad to have my voice back hehe
  13. If you email the shop (shop@showmastersevents.com) with your size they will try and add it to your order.
  14. Glenn I read somewhere that if you email the shop with your order number and include the tshirt size then they maybe able to match it up
  15. Awesome guest.. and such a big one for Cardiff too