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  1. Im also really hoping for some guests from Sons of Anarchy!
  2. Anyone from Buffy/Angel!!! 😍
  3. Im so happy showmasters is coming to Amsterdam! Went to LFCC a couple of times but unfortunatly I wont able to go anymore. But I can go to Amsterdam!!! Hope this event will take place every year! Thanks showmasters!!!
  4. Amazing guest announcement!!! Cant wait till august
  5. Yesss!!!! Ive been wanting to meet him for ages, and now he's coming to my own country!!!! Thank you Showmasters!!!
  6. Can't wait either! But we still have to wait 11 months anyway.. Blah, that sounds too long!
  7. Will be staying at Earls Court Think Apartments as I always do. A bit expensive, but worth it.
  8. I just had to google him, never heard of him before. But ofcourse that's for a lot of actors. It's all a different opinion for everyone who would be 'big'.
  9. Some people really should try to read previous posts.. A lot of the same questions are asked so many times
  10. Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyson Hannigan would be... i mean really.. AMAZING
  11. Oh yes Sarah MIchelle Gellar would be perfect!
  12. I don't think that'll change. There just won't be any tickets to buy at the door.
  13. Yes, I do agree with that.. I don't even want a photoshoot with a guest.. just autographs.. So, if I would buy a diamand pass for a certain guest I would only use the autographs.. As I will also already have entry tickets.. But hey, they can't please everyone I guess
  14. If this is how it's going to work I actually like it! Just hope there won't be too many A list stars because else I might have to sell my house..
  15. Yaay really excited about about the friday! Will be a lot more relaxing.. And I'm actually very happy with the Olympia venue, always liked it more than Earls Court to be honest..
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