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  1. I've made my hubby buy me a diamond pass as an early Christmas present. I wasn't planning to go in Spring but I'm now so excited!! Great stuff!
  2. In case anyone in future is in a similar boat to me and finds this thread, now I've finally heard back - nope, no chance of a refund or even partial despite my mitigating circumstances and lots of unused photo shoots. Hundreds of pounds wasted with months of treatment and surgery ahead of me. it feels like the yuckiest full stop at the end of the most horrid two weeks sentence. Anyway, there you are, for your information, no refunds really means no refunds. I'll be spending less in future.
  3. Hmm, good point, I don't know how I'd prove it. I'm sure I could get someone here to write something, but what's to say that's not made up? I mean, I've some grim photos of my cannula on Facebook, but I'm sure that's not enough! (That's the tube going into my vein, not some grim body part or anything) Either way, thanks for all your help, it's making me a little hopeful I've not wasted all my money, and might be able to get some back. I don't talk much on here but do always appreciate how good you lot are at giving help and advice to those of us who need it. <3
  4. Thank you. First LFCC I've missed in 13 years! In the long run though it's for best cause if I knew I was quite as poorly as this I'd have done something about it, and now it's getting sorted. There's a surgery planned for a few months as the final stage and the time from now to then is getting me healthy enough for it - today was a 4th blood transfusion! So my sister and mum are coming up, to meet Meat Loaf and Chris Ecclestone (without me, sob) - if they take my tickets to the organisers desk, and call me in hospital, would that be likely? Do they do on the day refunds? That idea has me hopeful.
  5. Thanks for the advice, is it likely they wouldnt get it before the con anyway, and so there'd be nothing they could do? I have a friend of a friend asking if he can buy some of them from me and I'm wondering if that's my best bet?
  6. I've been taken into hospital as an emergency and won't be released in time for my Sunday photo shoots with Peter Capaldi, David Duchovny, meat loaf, and Christopher Ecclestone.does anyone knnow of anything I can do? We could really do with that money now I'm poorly...
  7. You won't have to pay for him to queue with you, you only pay per auto, so don't worry :) Your photo will literally only be a few seconds and because of that, no, he won't be allowed to take pics. You don't get a digital copy, but they are made available a short while after for £4.99 if you do want to pick one up. It feels a bit like a factory assembly line, but it's a lovely experience nevertheless and the photos are worth it :)
  8. He knew him from that Christmas Doctor Who episode too, so it might take him a little while to shake that, and the Governor takes a little while to come across as proper bad, so it'll be interesting to see - we're just about to encounter him in our next episode. He did also meet Jon Bernthal when he was quite small and thought Shane was brilliant when he's finally been allowed to see it - don't think he agreed with all those people saying Shane was going about things the wrong way! Do we think I've scarred my child for life by introducing him to too many nice people who turn out to play bad guys??!? ETA: Now I think about it, he's been a fan of John Barrowman for years thanks to Doctor Who, and met him a few years back, but has totally embraced his role in Arrow. He likes him, but I'm fairly sure it's in the way you do like the bad guys sometimes especially when they're clearly relishing their roles...
  9. I nearly did meeting Chris Barrie - not because I adore him or anything, but because I was in a hot cosplay on a summers day, hadnt got round to eating yet before I'd had to join the queue, and it was at another event that gets really, really hot. I also have a something acidy/digestive issue or other that causes me to get dizzy, out of breath and shaky far too often. I was queuing with my boy and I ended up shoving the money at my son and saying a quick hi to Chris as I shuffled past, leaving my boy to chat & get the auto (luckily he was 12 and been coming to events for a while so could handle it alone!). A staff member got me a bottle of water while I waited then we wobbled our way outdoors to find air and a sit down. I do wonder what he'd have thought! I've cried a little bit after meeting a couple of guests, just from the excitement of the build up - and I've been doing these things for years. I still sometimes find it that exciting, but I tend to be fairly chill about it most of the time. I find the guests often calm you down as you talk to them, just by being nice people. (not deliberating calming, just inadvertently!). The more normal they are, the easier it is be be normal at them too, if you see what I mean.
  10. But perhaps not enough to recognise the guests!
  11. My boy has been coming with me since pushchair days, he's now 13 and taller than I am. When I collect my VQ tickets I always just ask - he's queuing up with me, does he need a ticket too? Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't, but it's usually the same person at the queue when my / our number(s) come up so at least it's how they think it should be. With photo shoots I've always been able to bring him into the area with me then basically park him by the exit (but not in the way) and collect him again on the way out - as if he's a bag! - every photo I've had, I've asked the queue staff and they've suggested that every time. This year I might leave him outside for the first time as he's 13 and will stand still as long as he can stare gormlessly at his phone. Talks - if I buy him a ticket too, we queue together. If I don't, well then I've missed the talks. He cant come in without a ticket and I can't leave him alone there for that long. As he's aged up he's become much more useful with holding bags and taking photos as I meet guests he doesn't know! (I do try to show him a least a little bit of that actors roles, but with some of them - Game of Thrones etc - it's difficult as it's so not suitable. I'm finally letting him see The Walking Dead this year so there's a big block of potential guests there that will mean more to him now - though its a shame we met David Morrissey together last year! It's been really fun bringing him along to meet the guests HE wants to meet though - assorted Doctors, Star Wars, Stargate guests etc - and he gets to show off to all his school friends, which is nice for him!
  12. So far, Jason Pennycooke, Tarinn Callender, and Michael Jibson, who are some of the cast of Hamilton London. A very cold and wet stage door experience (but I'm so going back)
  13. I'd love to meet Lin Manuel Miranda too! From musicals I've met Tam Mutu and Sierra Boggess from Les Mis, John Owen Jones who was my Phantom, and a couple of months back Jason Pennycooke, Tarinn Callender, and Michael Jibson from the London Hamilton cast. Very much want to meet more of them though! Musicians I've met Blur, Hole, Cast, Cardigans - mostly a bunch of old indie & britpop bands - though I did meet Take That, hah I nearly forgot! I'm not sure there's any I'd really worry about meeting nowadays.
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