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  1. William Ragsdale Caroline Williams Miles Doleac Ben Schwartz Shohreh Aghdashloo Bess Rous Derek Russo Joshua Mikel Jenna Kanell Camille Chen
  2. Can we please have Miguel Sandoval at least for Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary.
  3. Harry Robinson Hamlin as Perseus in the 1981 fantasy film Clash of the Titans would be a great guest.
  4. Alyssa Sutherland she is such a great actress in Vikings and will do great in Evil Dead Rise. Nicholas Hoult as well please.
  5. Think it's about time for Indiana Jones reunion: Karen Allen Paul Freeman John Rhys-Davies Alfred Molina Wolf Kahler Anthony Higgins Vic Tablian Fred Sorenson Matthew Scurfield Malcolm Weaver George Harris Kate Capshaw Ke Huy Quan Roshan Seth Alison Doody Julian Glover Michael Byrne Kevork Malikyan Richard Young Alexei Sayle Alex Hyde-White Isla Blair Vernon Dobtcheff Stefan Kalipha Peter Pacey Dimitri Diatchenko Luke Hanson Chris Jenkinson Nicola Scott Louis Sheldon Ray Winstone Jim Broadbent Igor Jijikine Ilia Volok Emmanuel Todorov Pasha D. Lychnikoff Andrew Divoff Venya Manzyuk Nito Larioza Ernie Reyes Jr. Jon Valera
  6. Scout Taylor-Compton Malcolm McDowell Brad Dourif William Forsythe Tyler Mane Danielle Harris Hanna Hall Kristina Klebe
  7. Just seen Sofia Boutella is starting to do cons at steel city con this December please try and get her for this event.
  8. Minnie Driver for The Witcher: Blood Origin please.
  9. Come on showmasters if other shows can pull of the impossible than so can you. Still waiting for David Bradley to be announced as well he be good for the Doctor Who guests.
  10. Please can we have David Bradley back for this event please.
  11. Joanna Lumley Simon Callow Miriam Margolyes Jane Leeves Richard Dreyfuss Stephen Fry.
  12. Any chance of Pam Grier always wanted to meet her. Mike Judge for Beavis and Butthead is on my list. Singer Carla Harvey for Butcher Babies would be a good one too.
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