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  1. Can you please ask Keith David, Dian Myer and Shawnee Smith to attend please.
  2. Agreed she needs to attend Sofia has done a con in the past so hoping one day she do an UK one. Also totally agree on the Jurassic Park cast as well.
  3. Agreed we need Keith David back and Joe Dante and Phobe Cates.
  4. Keith David please just watching Disney Gargoyles Salli Richardson-Whitfield Frank Welker Bill Fagerbakke Jonathan Frakes Brigitte Bako Marina Sirtis Tom Wilson Kath Soucie Laura San Giacomo Jim Cummings John Rhys-Davies Rachel Ticotin Thom Adcox-Hernandez Jeff Bennett Clancy Brown
  5. Brenda Vaccaro for super girl Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa for mortal kombat
  6. Shohreh Aghdashloo the voice of Gozer in Ghostbusters afterlife
  7. Mikaela Hoover please as Floor from Guardians 3.
  8. at least a small one Miguel Sandoval, Christopher John Fields, Tom Mishler, Rip Lee Walker, Whit Hertford heck I would even take Dean Cundey.
  9. Like we get background stormtroopers at some shows can we have the Ringwraith's from Lord of the rings please would love to get a signed piece by all actors. Brent McIntyre, Victoria Beynon-Cole, Lee Hartley, Sam La Hood, Chris Streeter, Jonathan Jordan, Semi Kuresa, Clinton Ulyatt, Paul Bryson, Lance Fabian Kemp, Jono Manks, Ben Price, Phil Grieve, Thomas McGinty, Kate O'Rourke, Jed Brophy and Tim McLachlan.
  10. William Ragsdale Caroline Williams Miles Doleac Ben Schwartz Shohreh Aghdashloo Bess Rous Derek Russo Joshua Mikel Jenna Kanell Camille Chen
  11. Can we please have Miguel Sandoval at least for Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary.
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