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  1. Can we Please have Catherine Schell for this convention please Jason.
  2. Love watching The Movies that made us on Netflix and there is one person on there that kept sticking out on me that would be a great meet Dean Cundey.
  3. True but they could of limited the Diamond passes for him so ordinary paying guests get a chance as well as in the terms and conditions do not say anything about the line just being Dimond Pass. Or maybe give a certain time for dimond passes to come for an autograph instead of the line continuing with them and never stopping. Sorry to say as well pre-paid does work as it worked that weekend with another con where they did that exact system one pre=paid than an ordinary pay guest. and eveyone got what they wanted.
  4. The line for Brian Blessed for Sunday was a s*** show in the future this needs to worked out the amount of people buying Diamond pass never ended. It would be better to have two lines one with normal pay fans and the other with diamond pass so one each goes at a time. As the whole line was Dimond pass and never really moved for most of the morning. It works for other conventions so why not LFCC and future events in a way I think showmasters should just move away from diamond pass and just do prepaid autographs only like other shows do as it runs more smoothly.
  5. Then why are you guys paying it complain and say on the site it states this price dont give into it
  6. Jason can you ask Jeff Daniel Phillips to come back he want to come back with Richard Brake please.
  7. In a way I think Showmasters needs to clarify the actual guests that are going as just early to Gregg Clark has said he is filming and doubt he can come due to this.
  8. Can we please have Miguel Sandoval, would love to meet him he has been in so much too.
  9. Can we please have Miguel Sandoval, would love to meet him he has been in so much too.
  10. Can we please have Miguel Sandoval, would love to meet him he has been in so much too.
  11. If the show does not go ahead Jason, would it be possible to still do the send in's with a private signing with Nick Frost please.
  12. I have a question I have bought an send in option for Nick Frost, I want to send my poster in but the website gives two addresses but does not state which one you send the poster tubes too many thanks.
  13. Lets be honest most US stars will probably not attend events overseas due to covid so why not support our own actors within the UK. I would love to see the following UK actors: Bernard Hill Ben Kingsley Jared Harris Richard Ayoade Isaac Hempstead Wright Simon Pegg Ralph Fiennes David Walliams Stephen Fry Matt Lucas Emma Thompson Art Parkinson I know he is Irish but would love to see him back at a con.
  14. Jason Joiner Please get Laura Dern, I know she is not in your favorite Star Wars film but there are fans out there that would like to meet her. If you get her I be willing to pay the asking price. Many Thanks
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