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  1. My mind has just been blown reading this just now! I had no idea.
  2. Hey all. I know in recent years the Eventbrite app has been quite useful buying photoshoots on a whim on the day. If I recall I think at LFCC last year there was an issue with this that did not work. I assume (appreciate technical issues can happen at anytime) the plan is for the app still to work on the day this year for those hasty quick decisions! Cheers.
  3. At previous events have they all been strict 'no selfie' or is it quite varied like other SM events? Getting photoshoots anyway but curios to know about selfies. Thanks!
  4. Yes I have fingers crossed for table photos too. Emily is the main reason I am coming and would happily have purchased a photoshoot. I am quite surprised she has not got an individual one.
  5. Adding my name to the list of individual photo shoots for Emily. No interest in the IT group shot but certainly want an individual shoot with Emily. Ginger Snaps is one of my favourites
  6. Have not been on the forum for ages! But how could I not type excitement at this! Since I started attending cons I have always hoped Tom Welling would be at a show but kind of accepted it would never happen. Since reading this news it has prompted me to buy my first ever Diamond Pass. It's awesome reading about everyone else's excitement too, I know he is going to be very popular over the weekend! Now here is the agonising part! What to get signed! But a very nice dilemma to have anyway.
  7. This announcement has stunned me in the most positive way! What a great guest! Sure headliner for me and can't wait to meet him.
  8. Just so happened on Saturday I watched PRETTY IN PINK not knowing Harry was in this movie. As soon as you see him on screen he oozes charisma and presence. I probably looked at him in a different light as I wanted to appreciate everything he had to offer. Amazing in ALIEN, superb in REPO MAN and I have never seen him be anything less than great. A natural in his profession who was solidly in 5th gear throughout his career.
  9. A friend of mine has just discovered the wonder of GOT and in a way I envy him getting to watch season after season in quick succession so certainly don't regret anything. If anything just embrace the ride! :)
  10. Do any of you guys use Letterboxd? I have found the monthly tasks on there are so much fun and can give you that push you need to watch a certain movie that may have been on your watchlist for ages but you have just not got around to watching. The app is nice and handy too! Like IMDB but better for movies in my opinion.
  11. The Funhouse is an amazing film but then when you start looking at Tobe's vast catalogue, most of them are!
  12. Yes! Joint photo with Christian will be awesome!
  13. Met him at my very first convention well over 10 years ago and he was the perfect gentleman. Top, top guy and probably the reason my love of conventions started as if my first guest had been someone not so friendly it could have put me off. If you have any interest in wrestling, he is a must meet.
  14. Urban Legend guest! Wow! Great addition to the horror collection :-) Thanks SM!
  15. I am pretty sure the people in charge of security should think to include doing a simple bag check would be an essential measure. Seeing people getting in the venue without a bag check is worrying. I am certainly no expert but I just see it as a bit of a necessity in today's climate. The Showmasters volunteers were fantastic as usual, my concerns were more with the 'expert' NEC staff.
  16. Amazing event but the lack of security really did concern me, I appreciate this is not Showmasters fault and is more the venue, I really hope it is stricter at the London venue for London Film and Comic Con.
  17. Cheers Stuart! Appreciated.
  18. Hi guys, Usually I buy my tickets in advance for my con's however this year I am unsure until tomorrow night if I will be able to attend. (I have everything crossed!) Is there a deadline for online ticket sales? Or for example will I still be able to buy a ticket tomorrow evening? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hi Jake, he normally does. Figures, belts etc. Can't imagine he would not this time, could leave him with a very thin line if so.
  20. A mixture of horror and wrestling for me. Horror - Jeffrey Combs Sarah Butler Nana Visitor Julie Benz Wrestling - Christian Beth Phoenix Honky Tonk Man
  21. Loved every minute of it. I am not a huge fan of superhero movies, particularly Marvel ones but I found this film to be excellent. Certainly many a re-watch in the future and is a genuine 10/10 film for me which is extremely rare.
  22. Awesome guest but WOW walking dead guests have risen in price dramatically! Not SM fault I know.
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