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  1. INDEED!!!!! Nice, now we just need to get Amanda back again!
  2. can't wait to get a double photo shoot with Michael and Amanda :)
  3. Can't wait to ask her what it is like not just working on super shows like Stargate, Sanctuary and Supernatural, but also directing them. Amanda is just about to direct her first Supernatural episode
  4. Excellent....can we get a double photo with Amanda!! VERY HAPPY
  5. WOW and WOW again, made my xmas, thanks, can't wait to see her again. Con Mum very happy!!!
  6. Yipppeeee a Bond guest ... Is this a start of a Dutch invasion this year... :)
  7. You beauty!! Been following his career since the 70's watching him on Dutch tv... Bloody heck!!!
  8. Yeah...met him in Seattle, but super happy to have him here...photo getting booked for this one
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