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  1. On Friday, John Schneider’s is doing both his solo shoot, and a shoot with Tom Welling (photo booth A) and the General Lee group shot at the same time. Seems like a major clash... for him @Too Tall
  2. Chuck Norris! Kate Beckinsale Teri Hatcher John Cusack Christian Slater All of these are on the con circuit...
  3. From an objective point of view, just to let you know, your picture has nothing wrong in it, really :)
  4. Showmasters lack of flexibility in the past with group shoots is why i never book any group shoot in advance anymore. I know we show our support to the organizer by advancing funds, but then the trust should go both ways, and if there's any change into a group shoot, especially as drastic as it is now with this Superman's group shot, there should also be the possibility to get a full refund. Otherwise, whoever got caught once, won't get caught again. Everybody will wait until being there on the day before buying a group shot, thus ending the funds advance to the organizer (which could be a problem). They are working on this so hopefully they see it's also in their own interest to offer the public what they're expecting in this situation.
  5. Nice to see him and Christian being announced together, that should be a fun photoshoot
  6. If the phrasing of one of the latest tweets WAKE UP. There's only like 12 1/2 hours until our next #LFCC guest announcement. Why are you all sleeping? #London is a clue, it seems to point out to a quote from Finding Nemo. Looking at the cast bill, there's one name i could see as being huge enough to deserve to be called that way, and it's Willem Dafoe. Now, maybe i'm completely wrong but it's worth a shot
  7. "coming back to LFCC", so i expect someone that already attended LFCC. I hope it will be someone that attended a long time ago like Burt Reynolds for instance
  8. There's already been a few guests announcements for that show, but you need to get on the webpage to see them. Why aren't any of those being done as well on the forum, just like it's done for the UK shows?
  9. Not necessary. There's been multiple times that a guest was "postponed", so originally announced for an event, cancelled, and was announced then for another upcoming event. Sometimes it says "postponed" straight away, sometimes the announcement comes later, as the team probably have to check first with the agents / guests if they are ok for another date. With SM being busy in Newcastle this weekend, i guess they didn't really take time to see if Neal was available for a future event, but maybe they will :)
  10. It would be great if you could book him for LFCC then instead. Crossing fingers.
  11. Does Orlando Bloom have a twitter account? As far as i'm aware, and according to that website he's not http://www.celebritiestweets.com/celebs-not-on-twitter.php?id=91
  12. Well, the pre-announcement also says " Pencil your calendars!" So i expect a guest from the indian movie "Pencil", maybe G. V. Prakash Kumar or Sri Divya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pencil_(film)
  13. Definitely not Donnie Yen. He wouldn't be announced that way.
  14. And unless i'm wrong (please someon correct me if that's the case), you even get two different photos taken. Meaning buying two tickets = two people on the picture = two photos taken = you receive one print of each photo
  15. How does everyone know there's a 3rd guest? Can't see it for looking lol! Based on the price of the Alien shoot I believe. Nothing has been announced. Ah yes ok I did see the photo price and think it was high for the 2 announced but didn't think if was because of another guest! Exciting, I'm just so sad I wasn't able to meet John Hurt when he attended but these 2 and any other will be amazing :) Looking at it, the Alien shoot is only £15 more expensive than Tom and Veronica put together, so they might not be expecting another guest as this could just be the extra charge needed to get them to do it. I was lucky enough to meet John and it was a great experience. I would also love for another guest to be announced though. I would sell both kidneys for Ridley Scott, but LFCC don't really do directors Not strictly true, we have previously had legendary horror director George A Romero appear. ..................LOL!lets look at the figures, 13 years of shows, in some years twice a year, think of all the hundreds of guests that have been booked and you say that's "not strictly true" because ONE guest was director!! can you name a second? I stand by what I wrote, LFCC don't really do directors John Landis did LFCC 😉
  16. Unfortunately the photo shoot schedules will only be available a week or two before the event. At this early stage, it's impossible for anyone to predict at what time the Superman group shoot will take place. If you have to leave by 11.15am, that seem way too earlie to take the risk of buying a shoot as nothing says it will take place before that time. Chances are even slim imo. Having a diamond pass will give you priority to Terence Stamp queue for autographs, but depending on your pass number you may also have to wait for your turn. And it will also depend at what time does Terence Stamp starts to sign, as most of the times guests are not behind their desks ready to sign at the opening hour. I know you don't have a choice, but 11.15am as departure time seems very earlie for me for an event of that scale. I wouldn't buy anything in advance being in that situation.
  17. He's been in a billion things, and he's now on the circuit! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Berenger
  18. Michael was awesome! One of the very best encounters of the weekend, very down to earth guy, and making sure everyone was happy meeting him! He even agreed to a group shot (thx to his PA btw who did a great job taking the picture for us :) )
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