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  1. With the renewal of The X-Files, it would be a wonderful time for David Duchovny to make an appearance.
  2. Thank-you This is either myself or Sam. We both have brown hair and glasses so not sure how to seperate us. I wasn't at the earlier shoot but I was at the second shoot and was if fact attending that day and almost missed my own photoshoots due to jumping in and helping out so it's nice to know it helped someone out there! Also it was probably me at the second shoot as I am quite loud and I remember saying I am only one person :) I'm glad you got through and got the photo Seeing you your avatar photo, it was definitely you. So you're welcome and thank you again, I can only imagine
  3. I was disappointed when I found out the talk was on Saturday when I had bought tickets for Friday, but now, I can't help thinking I made the right decision to go on Friday. If I had gone Saturday I might not have seen him at all. And if the talk was on Friday, there would have been no time to get his autograph. I think it all worked out for the best in the end for me.
  4. At what time did that lane merging happen? Was that when RDA fans started queuing early? The VQ for RDA on Friday did end up being a bit of a waste once into three figures. I left at 7.10pm and he was only at 85, and 400 had been given out before she stopped, knowing that number would never be reached.
  5. This thread is not to share our woes about lengthy queues and troubles with photo shoots. I created this thread so that people could share their experience when they actually finally got to meet Richard Dean Anderson. How many autographs did you get? Were they personalised? How did your photo with him turn out? What was he like to chat to? Etc... I have to say that RDA has been one of my favourite guests to meet since I started attending cons ten years ago. He is SO friendly and is genuinely pleased to meet and chat with every one of us. He made me feel so special, complimenting my name, a
  6. The crew who help run LFCC give up their own time to volunteer at these events, and their duties are high pressured and stressful. They usually end up as the target of all visitors' angst, complaints and frustrations when something does not go the way we want it. I created this thread for us all to give thanks to any particular crew member who helped you or felt deserves high praise for their efforts. For my part, I was to say big thank you to the lady running Richard Dean Anderson's photo shoot queue on Friday. I got to the photo shoot at 1.30pm when it started, but because I had batch 2
  7. Was anyone else disappointed that there were no Roswell prints to choose from when getting William Saddler's autograph. It was great to meet him, but the show I liked him from was Roswell, and there were no photos of him from that series. Had I known I would have bought one from a stall dealer before going to get his autograph.
  8. Wow, a big guest announcement that I am actually excited about - at least I would be if I were going on Saturday. I'm going on Friday. Damn.
  9. Squeeeeee! I never thought it was going to happen!
  10. Hi I've been going to LFFCC for many years, but I've never gone to a preview evening before, as usually I have several guests I want to meet. But since Diana Maulder has cancelled, there are now only two I want to see, and the extra cost of this year's entry fee is putting me off going at the weekend. For those who have gone to the Friday preview, I have a few questions: 1. How busy is it? 2. Is there enough time to see two guests and browse all the stalls? Thanks
  11. I was so looking forward to meeting her as well. It makes the extra cost of this year's entry fee less worth it.
  12. Had a fantastic time. There was lots of room to move about. The signing area was spacious and well set out, and everyone was friendly and helpful. Thanks so much!
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