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  1. HiddlesStark

    How it go with autographs?

    My family and I left at 4.30 today because we were told that we had no chance of getting George Takei or Wil Wheaton with ticket numbers around the 200 mark, and we'd been there since 9 this morning. We were literally told to "go away" and not bother coming back, and so we were very disappointed, especially since those were the only two autographs we wanted and we'd travelled from Bournemouth to get them. It might be totally different tomorrow though! Just be prepared for that possibility if you don't have a pass and be ready for long queues. I hope you get everything you want!
  2. Absolutely AMAZING guest! Thank you!
  3. HiddlesStark

    Big Guest Announcement - This Friday at 8pm!

    I'm really hoping for Tom Hiddleston!
  5. HiddlesStark

    Latest Guest Announcement - HOWARD CHARLES

    Nooooo, I can't make it to this one!!! Please get him for Bournemouth too, or London!
  6. HiddlesStark

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUDGE REINHOLD

    OH MY GOD. The Santa Clause is my ALL TIME favourite Christmas movie!!! Thank you so much for this!!!
  7. HiddlesStark

    Movies of 2015

    I haven't seen Star Wars, or Mockingjay yet, but I will at some point before New Year, and I'm also a huge Tarantino fan, so I'll be seeing Hateful Eight as well! I haven't seen as many films this year as I would have liked (mostly because of uni) but out of the ones I did see: 1- Birdman (Just stunning, and really harrowing for me, as someone who is training to be an actress) 2- Avengers: Age of Ultron (I feel bad putting this second, but a few choices were made that I disagreed with- IT WAS STILL INCREDIBLE THOUGH) 3- Jupiter Ascending (a guilty pleasure, with some bizarre yet hilarious acting from Eddie Redmayne and space-wolf Channing Tatum... I loved it) 4- Big Hero 6 (I'm a massive Disney nut and BAYMAX RULES ALL) 5- The Martian (brilliant, funny, moving, with loads of great actors in it) 6- Kingsman: The Secret Service (enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would and I'd love a sequel) 7- Spectre (a little underwhelming, but I adore James Bond movies, and the 'Team Bond' feel to it was brilliant- I love Ben Whishaw too) 8- Jurassic World (I enjoyed it a lot, and Chris Pratt is awesome) 9- The Theory of Everything (nice, with good performances) 10- Crimson Peak (loved the visuals but script was predictable and performances not bad but not outstanding, which is hard to type since I'm a huge Tom Hiddleston fan) 11- San Andreas (fun, but a bit cheesy, and only below Crimson Peak because the aesthetics of CP were incredible) 12- Mad Max: Fury Road (unpopular opinion probably but I found it incredibly dull- just personal taste, I think) There were several films I didn't get to see that I wanted to see: Macbeth, Bill (the Horrible Histories film) and Suffragette.
  8. HiddlesStark

    Guest Suggestions

    The cast of Black Sails please! Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Zach McGowan, Toby Schmitz, Clara Paget, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, Hannah New, Mark Ryan, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Louise Barnes and Rupert Penry-Jones!
  9. Oh my gosh, please get him for Brighton too!!! (I'd love to get a picture with him in my Rochefort cosplay!!! xD)
  10. HiddlesStark

    Latest Guest Announcement - KERRY INGRAM

    Awesome- another for the GoT collection!
  11. HiddlesStark

    Guest Suggestions

    BBC Musketeers cast please (as always) and the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell cast (to go with my cosplay)!!!
  12. HiddlesStark

    Best con so far?

    Today has been really amazing, one of the best con experiences I've had in a while!
  13. HiddlesStark

    Author guest suggestions.

    Scott Westerfeld and Susanna Clarke!
  14. HiddlesStark

    Jason Marsden - Voice Actor!

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH THIS. He's brilliant in Spirited Away <3