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  1. Not going to argue with you as I`m better than that
  2. They're never gonna please everyone to be honest. The prom/dressy up deal always seems to work well for Sat nights though. exactly! plus i don't like the "civil war" so no thanks And a lot of us don`t like Prom as it has been at every convention so far
  3. But that isn`t the point?! The whole thing that makes Gold special is that it is a limited amount of tickets making the experience more intimate :/
  4. I know right?!! I really hope they get it again
  5. The party bus was AWESOMESAUCE at ET7!!! I was just wondering if theres any chance of getting it back for ET8?? Pretty please with a cherry on top?? *flutters eyelashes*
  6. They're never gonna please everyone to be honest. The prom/dressy up deal always seems to work well for Sat nights though. Yeah but they have it for EVERY con - BORING!
  7. Could we PLEASE have Civil War instead of Prom?!
  8. It`s the same but with a different name?!
  9. He was so lovely, I ran all the way to the other side to buy another photo shoot ticket then ran all the way back to get in line haha
  10. I`m gutted that I am unable to get to EMS due to money & other commitments Please please please could we have Christopher for ET8 as he`ll be over here the week before for EMS?! He was a brilliant guest last time and I would LOVE to meet him again I know there are others who would also love to meet him again Xxxx
  11. Thanks for the reply QS x Wondering what the limit is?? Peter is VERY popular and as it might be the last time some people would ever get to see him, The demand might be very very high. Also, Especially if there is an Appinelli photo shoot. Each Appinelli will need to buy their own photo to be in the pic with the others - Not sure we could even be fitted in together in one photo?! Xxx
  12. PLEASE kidnap him and make him come to ET8 the following weekend
  13. Talking of extra shoots.. Is there going to be an Appinelli one as it`ll probably be the last time we`re all together with him? xX
  14. How do I was just wondering if there may be a cap on extra photo shoots for Peter as he is going to be so popular and the event is going to be so busy with so many fabby guests?? Poor Peter is going to need a holiday after this con me thinks Xxxx
  15. Wow, So quiet on here!! I remember when this thread used to be buzzing Not long to go now, And although I can`t wait, I am sad that it`s the last one When am I going to get to see everyone again???
  16. I think Civil War again would be kewl...PJ party is ok... I find the prom/graduation theme incredibly boring personally and although I like Newborns, Again it has been done. We had Drs & Nurses theme last time? :/ I think flashback could be quite kewl as those who want to could go all out with a period costume etc Not long to go now, Hope they are announced soon x
  17. Getting mine & Harleys at the end of the month when I get paid Haven`t seen you for soooooooooo long Xxx
  18. I was in panic mode because I really am POOR at the moment and I heard Gold had gone and I hadn`t been on here for eons
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