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Books HELP :)

lil nightmare

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just wondering if you could help me at all


ive read the twilight series over and over obviously and i loved it but someone recomended that i read shiver and i did and loved it!! now i have to wait till july for the next one so i was just wondernig if anyone in eternal twilight land had any books you could recomend


im really after a supernatural romance those are the two things a book has to have for me to really read it and want to read


please please please help i miss reading already


thank you for any help you can give me :thumbup:



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I just bought shiver have yet to read it :)


Wicked Lovely series - amazing

House of night series

Night world

Dark Visions - L.J Smith

Fallen - by Lauren Kate

Hush, Hush - by Becca Fitzpatrick

And of course:

Vampire Diaries

True blood series - Charlaine harris

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Here's a few authors I love. They are all romance, but lets just say a lot more adult than Twilight. They are all very supernatural. Either Vampires, were-wolves, Demons that sort of thing.


Lynsay Sands 12 in series

Sherrilyn Kenyon 18 in series

Kresley Cole 8 in series

Kerrelyn Sparks 8 in series

Lara Adrian 7 in series


If you like them funny I'd try Kerrelyn Sparks or Kresely Cole. Sweet stories Try Lara Adrain or Lynsay Sands and if your a hopeless romantic like me, I've cried at almost all of the Sherrilyn Kenyon ones. They all got a bit of action in as well, so it's not juat about the romance.


They are all amazing for different reasons, you should give them a go. One of my friends got me into them and now all of us are reading them.

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vampire diaries, house of night series, night world, vampire academy.

ones i myself am meaning to read are PC Casts other books. if you look on her website theres the list of them on there they look real good.


or my faves outside of the vampire/supernatural genre are chick lit books like ps i love you by cecilia ahern, talking to addison by jenny colgan, recipe for disaster by miriam morrison, a place called here by cecilia ahern, forget me not by isabel wolf, Last Chance by Sarah Dessen, pillow talk by freya north or where have all the boys gone by jenny colgan

and i know this sounds really lame but when i was at school i read this book called Daz 4 Zoe and bought it because i loved the storyline and the message even though its quite an easy book to read and very short i still read it once in a while now.

ghostly romance - Unquiet Spirits by K M Peyton everyone should read this book!

these are a few of my faves love them all =D



p.s anyone whos read vampire diaries the return nightfall what did u think of it, because im not sure even though ive got the next 2 on pre order, i think like these being written nearly 20 years later L J Smith has changed the style of them or is it just me??

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p.s anyone whos read vampire diaries the return nightfall what did u think of it, because im not sure even though ive got the next 2 on pre order, i think like these being written nearly 20 years later L J Smith has changed the style of them or is it just me??


I'm half way through it at the moment. Or I'm up to chapter 15 anyway. They characters seemed to have changed quite a bit well the more mystical characters anyway. I started it pretty much the night after finishing book 4 so felt the continuation was fine in that sense. Will let you know when I've read more of it. Not sure if you have face book but if you do I'm on there under Sam Moden (picture of myself and Jasper at the newborns party at ET3) feel free to add me that way neither of us can accidently give spoilers for those who haven't read it yet lol

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Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J R Ward : Romantic sexy vampires what more do u need :)


Morganville Vampire Series : Rachael Caine

Nikki And Michael Series : Kerry Arthur

House Of Night Series: P.C. Cast

Night World : L.J.Smith

Anita Blake Vampire Series: Laurell K Hamilton

The Argeneau Family Series: Lynsay Sands

The Gardella Vampire Chronicles:Colleen Gleason



What can i say iam a book worm..... Just some of my book list all very enjoyable, Read 32 books this year allreay :YAHOO: think i have an addiction :poki:

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Anita Blake and Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K Hamilton


Anita Blake = Vampires, Were animals, Zombies, Sex, Sex Sex. 19 in the series so far - very addictive


Book 1 - Guilty Pleasures

Book 2 - Laughing Corpse

Book 3 - Circus of the Damned


Just to get you going


Merry Gentry = Faries, Monsters, strange magic, assasins, Sex, Sex sex. lol 8 in the series so far


Book 1 - A Kiss of Shadows

Book 2 - A Caress of Twilight

Book 3 - Seduced by midnight


There you go


Charlaine Harris True Blood and Grave series are also really good, but i would go for Laurell K Hamilton everytime.

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It seems alot of what I was gonna suggest has already been suggested but I would like to add 1 more series to the list:

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

Book 1: City of Bones

Book 2: City of Ashes

Book 3: City of Glass


Such an amazing series!


I have also read just recently, the 1st book in The Beautiful Dead series!


I can't express how much I love the House of Night series though. That really is on a par with Twilight! And Hattie looked so cool as a Red Fledgling at ET3!!

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i love the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by L.K Hamilton. Have previously recommended to two friends who have also become quite addicted. so def wortn a read!

Another good series is the Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong. Its not vampire specific series but does have a few vampires in (tho they aren't a main character). First book is called Bitten followed by Stolen, Dime Store magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted, Broken, Personal Demons, No Humans Involved, Living with the Dead and Frostbitten.

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So many of these books I want to read!! It will cost a fortune though!! I mostly buy my books from amazon as I find them the cheapest xxx


You should check out your local Library, thats what I'm going to do from now on, as I'm totally broke and have got no more space on my book shelves.


The Argeneau Family Series: Lynsay Sands


Arn't they great, not many people know about her but she's amazing! Whats your favourite? Mine are Vampires Are Forever and Vampire, Interrupted. I've also got a thing about A Quick Bite with Greg. Looking forward to the 2 this year when we finally find out what happened 50 years ago with Nicholas and how it's all connected to Armand.

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