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  1. i had an awesome weekend even though it was manic!! i understand the need to stop personalisations but was gutted! i positivly felt awful for peter anx almost didnt do my photos wirh him cos he seemed so tired!! the mess outside the autograph room on saturday was horrendous!! ive been to 5 ET's and never seenit so bad!! the sunday was much better with the board away from the door so people could see. another thing that miffed me off was the rudeness of attendees!!! my mother was walking out of a party hall and almost wlked into Gil. she went to step round him and was thrown to the floor by an attendee who'd pushed her out of the way to have her picture taken with gil!!! this was rudeness at its height and thank god for Gil being a gentleman and helping her up with a lovely member of the crew. Gil also was not happy by this!!
  2. i dressed as Loki for Renesmee's birthday party (the one in the corset) and i had a lot of people ask to take photos with or of me. i wondered if anyone that has pictures of me would mind sending them to me please. there is one of me and my whole group that was taken by a lady we thought was the official photographer, but wasnt, that my mum would really like to get hold of!!! if anyone wants to send them to me please send to queen_of_hearts2005@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Ill be coming in fancy dress as Loki from the Avengers...looking forward to wearing my homemade costume again!!!
  4. Gutted was gonna buy my ticket at the weekend as ive just got the money together :-( this is such a shame!! the excitement for this on the Facebook page was huge!!!
  5. you either gave the voucher over at WHSmiths or you bought the paper from there and you were given it!
  6. Was a bit drunk when I wrote that!! ....:-S what I meant was the english Daily Star is also doing the same giveaway 2mora!!! .
  7. my friends and i were saying the same think this afternoon!
  8. just wondering if there are ever any family rooms on the con rate?? there are possibly quite a few of us and wanna try and keep cost down a bit
  9. im District 6 - Transportation. Im a Mechanic
  10. Me and my 4 friends are in group J
  11. ive got a few.... --Bumping into Kiowa coming outta the lift on our floor --Riding the lift with Gil at least 3 times- the funniest being the time we missed our floor cos we were so shocked we forgot to press the button and then when he got out my friends waited til the door was closed and they started screaming in excitement...which caused the door to reopen...oooppss!!! --Riding the lift with gil, chaske, leah and julia. Lots of lift memories lol Also knowing Jamie had no pants on in his photoshoots!
  12. Whats the email address for the shop? is it the info@collectormania.com one? Whats the email address for the shop? is it the info@collectormania.com one?
  13. Brilliant thank you so much for all your answers! Will get that done asap! :-D
  14. My friend is no longer able to come to ET6. She has already paid for her ticket and i just wondered whether, with a note of permission, i would be able to collect her autos and photos? Obviously she cant be in the photos but because she is a Silver she has already paid for them so would like to have the guests hold her Carlisle Bear teddy she had made. Would this be possible??? Any help is much appreciated (especially from someone who works for Showmasters/ME) Thanx
  15. Becca tweeted this morning to say her editor has confirmed the release date is still Oct!
  16. Becca has tweeted this morning saying her editor has confirmed the release date is till in Oct not Nov!!
  17. I emailed the uk publishers yesterday as there seems to be a lot of mixed dates flying around about the release! Even on their website! Am still waiting for a reply currently. I'm sure ME will let us know if she has to cancel!! I just hope she doesn't!
  18. Its one of those you can wear anything really cos anyone can be a newborn really! Last time i wore cut up clothes covered in mud and blood with red contacts
  19. YEY soooo good!!! got my Isle Esme outfit planned already!! :-D
  20. Those of you going to the B'ham show what hotel are you staying in! Bought tickets for my mates bday now need to book a hotel!!?!!
  21. Am going to B'ham!!! No tickets as of yet!! :-(
  22. i would certainly come to a Harry POtter Con...was goning to go to MM2 then it was cancelled!!
  23. Name: Sabrina Age (if you want to): 23 (at ET6) Where you are from: Cambridgeshire, England ETs attended:ET3, 4 and 5 Interests: Twilight, Harry Potter, Reading, watching films Attending on your own or with others: coming with my friends Charlottex2, Lauren, Alice and my mum Wendy Pic:
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