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  1. ^^^^ ooo cops and robbers!! ^^^^ i like!
  2. Another sad thing about the ETs finishing is that i'll never get to sit at an author table signing MY book, unless I can get an agent and a publisher and get the whole thing edited and published in 7 months... doable. Not.
  3. I'm also a Hillywood song requester (cause i just love doing them dance routines), even though they're not just 'Hillywood show songs' it's Gaga and Katy Perry, everyone loves them right? Also i'm one of those ones who stays on the dancefloor through pretty much every song no matter how bad it is to dance to (but someone must of requested it so if they like it i'm not going to judge as i'd expect no one to moan or judge the songs i request) but some of the songs are pretty bad to dance to... eg bad dance songs= everyone leaves the dance floor, awesome tunes = people rush on to the dancefloor So yeah fair enough you want to request your favourite song ever but if it's more of a 'listen to on your ipod on the bus' kinda song I don't wanna dance to it at the partayyyy... Also I love these conventions so much BECAUSE everyone is accepting of each other so when i get the urge to learn the Hillywood show dances and practice them over and over til my feet bleed and then want to do them at a place like ET... because theres not really a chance i could do them in a nightclub really... i'd really just like everyone whether they love it or hate it to just be accepting of it please there's 3 nights and 3 parties what's a couple of songs... rant over love you all mwah as for themes... everyones got great ideas and i will love whatever they choose because i know they're always fab! but the PJ party really is great the idea of going straight from party to bed sounds so amazing it's unreal.
  4. I need to keep reminding myself that just because this is the last ET it doesn't mean impossible magical things will happen
  5. They've got 8 months to get permission
  6. ooo how about a midnight showing of twilight on the big screens we can all bring sleeping bags and have a mass twilight slumber party! OMG as long as its not New Moon with it being the last ET and with 'that scene' i dont think i'd ever stop crying.
  7. omg J R Ward pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!! Also Joss Stirling, Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead, ok basically ALL the ones that have been said already so thats what at LEAST 15 authors at ET8 already? ha it's gonna be a blast! Looks like things are going to have to run through the night but pffft who needs sleep when theres autos and signings and talks to go to! As long as there's red bull on tap we'll be fine! =D
  8. Billy Burke is my freakin ultimate guest! Ever since he cancelled for ET2 i've been hoping and wishing and praying for him to come to another. Of course all the Cullens are on the list. And some of the repeats like Toni Trucks, Noel Fisher, Patrick Brennan, Leah Gibson, JCB (who i didnt get to meet ) Charlie Bewley I just wanna meet them all...
  9. Gold tickets ordered today! First time going gold been silver @ ET5 ET6 & ET7 and standard for ET2 ET4 so incredibly excited it's unreal!
  10. Since this is the last ET I thought it would be cool to see 1. Which ETs you have been to (Proms count too)- ET2, 4, 5, 6, 7 2. Who was your favourite guest- I think Leah Gibson or Toni Trucks 3. What was your favourite party- Renesmee's birthday party with the animal encounter 4. What was your favourite Guest talk- Any that chaske spencer, toni trucks, charlie bewley or gil birmingham were involved in 5. Which of the ETs was your favourite- ET 7 and 5 if you asked me for specifics I just can't pin them down 6. Does a particular song always make you think of ET- Raise your glass, hot n cold 7. What is your favourite giveaway in your attendee pack- Pens or badges are always a win 8. Anything that happened at an ET that you will never forget- I will always remember all of it. The moment of pure happiness whilst waiting in line for a photoshoot with charlie bewley he removed his baggy sweatshirt to reveal the tight black top he was wearing underneath rocking out with Toni Trucks to Lecarla, inventing 'Sharpie Vests' with Booboo, Chaske Spencer feeling my twins kick (whilst i was pregnant with them obviously) during a photoshoot - Edi Gathegi telling me to call one of my twins Laurent when i said they were both girls he said 'Lauren then'. The friends i've made. The list goes on. Roll on ET8!
  11. What sort of room are you booking the code isnt working for me =( Actually just re checked i can book a room for max 2 adults, does the code not include family rooms?
  12. Exactly, it's a very vague statement. I'm sorry but I guess we're not all fame hungry enough to be 'mentioned in a newspaper' for so called 'research for an article'. For the record i have a full time job in a managerial position, three kids, my own house, my own car and these weekends are the only breaks I have and they're freakin amazing! I don't want anyone putting these cons down.
  13. To be honest if it's for a newspaper and about twilight fans i'd be a little reserved at the way us fans would be portrayed. Anything written by a non twilight fan will be miscontrued. We're normal human beings doing something we enjoy, it's not a spectacle. To be honest the sun can keep my 5 minutes of fame at least i can keep my dignity and anyone who asks me why i'm a twilight fan can get it straight from me in my own words, thanks.
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