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  1. I loved eclipse - my favourite movie yet by far! There was a lot more dialogue from the Cullens and the wolves, which I was really pleased with, and Bella and Edward seemed more like a couple. This is the first of the twilight movies where I can honestly say I felt like it did the book justice :) The only disappointing thing was Bryce as Victoria, it just wasn't right :'(
  2. I think the same, the new moon and eclipse songs just don't measure up to their other stuff!
  3. It really depend on whether you want guest encounters etc. Personally I get through £100 to £200 depending on whether I'm careful, and not including food. But I do like guest encounters :)
  4. Hi there, That is indeed the case! All 7 guests announced will have their autograph included as part of the ticket! Mark does the same apply with photos?
  5. I think this is really cool, especially because of the new Bree Tanner novel. Might get it signed, and it would be cool to hear her take on Bree. I think this is a great line up, we have a lot of younger guests this time :) All around my age, so again that will be really interesting!
  6. WOW! I read this book a while ago, and loved it :)
  7. Breaking Dawn is due to be released on the 11th of November 2011.... thats 11/11/11!
  8. The Rachel Caine series, Vampires of Morganville are brilliant! I totally recomend them
  9. I'm excited for all of the guests, its an amazing line up :) Although I will admit that Peter is pretty damn awesome, and I'm really excited to re-meet him!
  10. WOO... another wolf, I've met nearly all of them now :)
  11. BRONSON!!!! I'm still holding out for bronson... then I'll have met all the wolfpack except Taylor! :)
  12. That's s good idea! I think some sort of competition is a good idea
  13. Nah, I just remember it cos it was so well written! Congrats
  14. Yeah it had to be suitable for all ages! Did you write the piano one?
  15. Lol, it definetly releaved the boredombetween autos and such!
  16. Oh my gosh, is that what I recognise her from! Thankyou x
  17. wow thats a whole load of guests very quickly! I wonder what other surprises are in store for us!
  18. I really do hope that they are sort of..... easing Jackson in and surrounding him with his "Dad" and vampire friends! It would make my year if Jackson was announced!
  19. Eclipse was my favourite book, and so I'm really looking forward to this movie, plus I personally love what we've seen of Eclipse, and I am hoping for it to be slightly darker then the other two, what with the newborns. I also love how they've got Bella front and centre - bout time
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