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  1. reneeadamson09

    Extra Autograph and Photoshoots

    thats great thnx guys
  2. reneeadamson09

    Your absolute dream guest ?

    Liv Tyler Viggo Sean Bean Ian Mckellan, Bernard Hill, Alan Lee, Dominic, Weta guys........ and Alan Lee again :) oh really? thats pretty cool
  3. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    woo hoo!!!! two books that ive read that you havent!!! that will never happen again hahaha I really like Torment and am towards the end of Angel (which i think is along the lines of The Host lol). Im actually due to go to pizza express in 25mins but just wanna finish Angel lol
  4. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    ive lost count of the amount of times ive read the last book. I was so happy when i heard they were doing the film in 2 parts cos theres so much to fit in...... actually id quite like to read it again before i see it!! Oh poo!!!!! Im really not organised this yr!!! Was just about to put the laptop down n pick up a book but which one?? mmmmmm i think Angel now and then maybe HP next week :) no more ebay for me tonight lol
  5. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    well, with my low mood i fancied some retale therapy so im on ebay looking at Roxy, Animal, Quicksilver and AnF clothing...... BIG MISTAKE!!!! no reading for me i fear lol I need to watch the hp films as well, watched the first one the other night, but im also going to be away for 5days so there goes watching any of the others...... oh jenny you always remind me of things i need to be doing
  6. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    I was hoping i could get the Succubus series from the works Am defo gonna start a book tonight..... i must!! lol
  7. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    i know that the hardback has a cover more like the others, but it matches the american covers, not ours, and also its hardback!! So, what books shall i be looking for in the works?? i was in there earlier and they didnt have any books i recognised...... but then i am very rubbish at remembering names of any sort lol
  8. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    went to my works earlier but they didnt have the illustrated novel how much was it Jenny? Has anyone pre-ordered vampire academy last sacrifice?? The one on amazon has a completely different cover than the last lot of books and i like my series to match each other not sure what to do xx
  9. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    its going to take me ages to through the books ive got lined up to read on my book self (at last count 40 books ) without even thinking of most of the books on the list! Although i do REALLY want to read them as well and soon!!! lol
  10. reneeadamson09

    Book Discussion Thread

    oh. my. GOSH!!!!! theres so many to read!!! Thanx for doing the list though girls, i really was confused in the other thread
  11. reneeadamson09

    Books HELP :)

    thats one serious list of books!! i really do need to get a move on with my reading lol
  12. reneeadamson09

    Books HELP :)

    Can this be moved to the et5 thread? Or should there be a new thread started? What i would like to see is a list of all the books, cos i look through these pages and confused doesnt even cover it lol
  13. reneeadamson09

    Big movie guest or a Cullen?

    So my issue with this is that i wouldnt want Peter put above any of the Cullens or the big movie guests. Ive met him a few times, and would love to meet him again but really wouldnt put him above meeting any of the other cullens or the bigger guests, especially as he seems to like doing the con's so would possably do another... It would be great if Mr Sheen came, and we could get some other Voturi there as well, that would make the talks something else altogether I really agree with this - So..... im gonna say that if it were a Cullen other than Peter then i'll go Cullens, but the other two would be AMAZING!!! Scrap that, i dont know how im going to vote yet.....
  14. reneeadamson09

    People shouting in the talks

    I unfortunatly have to say that i also had a few problems with some french people cutting in lines, and knowing they shouldnt have done it cos they did it sneakily. I also had a french person constantly trying to steal my seat for the sunday talks and when i asked her to move she would litrally hover over me and bash me when talking to her friend. However, i will not tar everyone with the same brush and also do not agree with some of the comments that have been made here.
  15. reneeadamson09

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    i tried the apple juice as well and have to agree that it was rather nice had a really nice view on the last morning as well :)