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  1. _Chelsea_


    ^^ Thank youuu!
  2. _Chelsea_


    This isn't for anything Twi related but figure is the best place to ask...can you straighten a wig?
  3. _Chelsea_

    Anyone from Twilight?

    SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE do you even go to this school? No, I just have a lot of feelings.. Go home...
  4. _Chelsea_

    Anyone from Twilight?

  5. _Chelsea_


    I touched Sam's chest and asked what it was because it didn't feel chesty lmao...Was touching it for a good 30 seconds going WHAT IS THAT :| before Paul informed me it was just Sam's skin :| lmao
  6. _Chelsea_

    ET5 Chat and General Rambling

    Talking about playing nice with cousins just sounds so wrong
  7. _Chelsea_

    ET5 Chat and General Rambling

    HUH :')
  8. I didn't see the dance, but you guys seriously looked so awesome!
  9. _Chelsea_

    General Suggestions for ET5?

    The only thing I can think of is just what's already been said...about the queue for the talks. I like to wait behind to sit with my friends but it was really hard to get through the crowds & even though Too Tall was shouting for people to be quiet so everyone could hear their ticket numbers being called not everyone listened...it was a bit messy, and I don't know how it could be sorted with so many people but whatever happens please let us still wait behind to sit with our friends
  10. _Chelsea_

    Best Moments :D

    Peppa Pig cake. Getting to spend lots of time with all the people I wanted to see...The people most important to me :) Marrying Jasmine! And watching a certain kind of animal videos earlier with Rachel, Katie, Ellie, Sofia & Stacey xD
  11. _Chelsea_

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    I just found £5 i didnt know I had...thats positive, for me anyway!! But you never stated it had to be positive for you! To you then! I love finding money you never knew you had <3 Awhhh tigers are awesome!
  12. _Chelsea_

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    Tigers in the Himalayas?! Wow...& That's awesome Rhi, take it you had fun Positive...we got a new house yesterday :) It's dead nice and the landlady is so lovely and doesn't mind dogs which is a bonus...there's even a dogflap
  13. _Chelsea_

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    I'm hiding in here for now cos general ramblings is a bit on the scary side atm Positive positive. Someone tell me something positive?
  14. _Chelsea_

    General Rambling

    I want to hug that panda