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  1. This isn't for anything Twi related but figure is the best place to ask...can you straighten a wig?
  2. SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE do you even go to this school? No, I just have a lot of feelings.. Go home...
  3. I touched Sam's chest and asked what it was because it didn't feel chesty lmao...Was touching it for a good 30 seconds going WHAT IS THAT :| before Paul informed me it was just Sam's skin :| lmao
  4. Talking about playing nice with cousins just sounds so wrong
  5. I didn't see the dance, but you guys seriously looked so awesome!
  6. The only thing I can think of is just what's already been said...about the queue for the talks. I like to wait behind to sit with my friends but it was really hard to get through the crowds & even though Too Tall was shouting for people to be quiet so everyone could hear their ticket numbers being called not everyone listened...it was a bit messy, and I don't know how it could be sorted with so many people but whatever happens please let us still wait behind to sit with our friends
  7. Peppa Pig cake. Getting to spend lots of time with all the people I wanted to see...The people most important to me :) Marrying Jasmine! And watching a certain kind of animal videos earlier with Rachel, Katie, Ellie, Sofia & Stacey xD
  8. I just found £5 i didnt know I had...thats positive, for me anyway!! But you never stated it had to be positive for you! To you then! I love finding money you never knew you had <3 Awhhh tigers are awesome!
  9. Tigers in the Himalayas?! Wow...& That's awesome Rhi, take it you had fun Positive...we got a new house yesterday :) It's dead nice and the landlady is so lovely and doesn't mind dogs which is a bonus...there's even a dogflap
  10. I'm hiding in here for now cos general ramblings is a bit on the scary side atm Positive positive. Someone tell me something positive?
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