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  1. Sorry guys, one last question, don't mean to be a pain, what happens if i buy the photo ops in advance and can't do them?
  2. Thanks 1of2. I presume i can buy them at the event as that doesn't leave much time to order on the online shop and I'm not at home to get the tickets even if i do.....?
  3. Hi, Just wondering if theres any word of the photoshoot timetable yet? I want to buy a few photoshoots, but im dropping in on my way back from a conference in london and my train is booked for 14:50 and imdont want to pay for shoots i'd miss..... Any news yet? I weallllly want these photoshoots! :)
  4. Oh yeah!! If you can't tell us a guest yet, give us the themes instead to shut us up!!
  5. I think most people are waiting for a OUAT guest to be announced before buying. I want to go Gold... But since the first announcement there's been nothing and in the current economic climate I'm loathe to part with a substantial amount of cash until I know for definite its happening... I really hope it does... And I really hope its a success as my 2 cons I usually attend have ended.... But I'm not buying a ticket until there's a OUAT guest. (Please get GRUMPY!!! )
  6. Did you buy your prosthetic yet Claire?
  7. GRumpy. Maleficent. EVil Queen. Emma.Snow. Charming. Oh hell anyone from OUAT let's face it!!!
  8. Claire *puts on thinking cap* Give me a few.. I shall... ponder. :)
  9. I shall be getting one at payday!!
  10. Sharing with Claire!!! Someone hide the Amaretto!!! Excited!
  11. Oh good. I'll disengage from the mains then. :) I think people keep posting just to remind folks we're still here and still interested, thats all. I'm hanging on to buy my gold ticket.... :)
  12. I'd love one of Regina's Fairytale outfits. lol. Maybe the Riding outfit or the one she wore when she fought with Maleficent for the curse... That would be fun too. Course, I'llmsave myself a hell of a lot of money if this con doesn't go ahead cause I won't have to buy them! LOL. Hey, gotta look on the birhgt side of things too right?
  13. I'm just checking, sometimes people think they've posted things and they haven't. It was just a forlorn little poke to see if the con was still alive.... *Get's out the electric paddles*
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