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  1. Hi, I ordered an Alfie Allen photoshoot, and just wondered whether we'll get sent tickets before the event, or whether we will have to collect them on the day? Thanks,
  2. He's gonna be an ace guest. He's a cool guy on twitter, so looking forward to finally meeting him in person
  3. Yes! Get in! On another note though, remove the 2nd picture there cos it's Finn Jones, not Eugene lol
  4. Ahh this makes me GUTTED that I can't go. He's an aweosme guy, you're all in for a treat with him there :)
  5. I went for Robert Carlyle (cos he's awesome, though I'd also love Jamie Dornan), Silas Weir Mitchell & Meghan Ory.
  6. Agreed. It's so awesome. I've only seen Once Upon A Time at the moment (first 18 episodes), but I'll be watching Grimm over the next few weeks :)
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