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  1. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Does anyone know this girl?

    She did me too :) i think this is her :) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1553410714
  2. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Dakota Fanning? Please..

    I'm gonna say Dakota ^-^ i've loved her since waaaay before twilight soo
  3. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    ET5 Introduction Thread

    Might as well... but most of you know me Forum Name: LilylovesEdwardCullen Real Name: Lily :) Age/Location: 15 WHOLE years. And a little town outside London. Have you attended any other ET events? Et3 and et4 and London Proms Favourite Twi-guest? Charlie Bewley. BooBoo <3 Favourite other movies? Hmm.. scary films., Girly films., loads of films., Favourite other books? House of night, the immortals, morganville, night world :) Favourite TV shows? Glee, Big Bang theory, Friends, Inbetweeners, Favourite Actors/Actresses? Rob Dakota Fanning, .. Other interests: Reading.. watching tv.. going thorpe park.. living for conventions.. Something interesting about yourself: I am THE Lily. Most likely to be found on? Twittttteeerrr and the book of face. and here. What are you most looking forward to at ET5? meeting Jodelle! Seeing drunk Lily again.. You reallllly need a picture? uftt.. i'll find one..
  4. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Dakota Fanning? Please..

    awww thankyouuu :D
  5. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    rude people

    You were an amazing didyme and anyone who didnt get it arent as twihardy as us ^-^
  6. LilyLovesEdwardCullen


    Jane again for me ^-^
  7. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Jamie Campbell Bower...please ;)

    OFT yess! pleasee xD
  8. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Charlie's auction

    my fave !
  9. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Volturi/Cullen group pics

    That picture makes me LOL Jane sitting on Alecs lap ^-^
  10. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Complaint about the staff of Hilton

    Yeahh :S before they've just cleaned around it.. they've never once moved my stuff.. its creepy
  11. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Complaint about the staff of Hilton

    Yeahh.. i was like erm.. what the hell. but all of our bathroom stuff they had moved too so i was like :| we did after that! i was creeped out.. we did it during the day when we was in there too..
  12. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    rude people

    I did at one point say about the people in wheelchairs getting the front of the queue when they should of been where i was cause they could sit down but i was only joking.. i didnt mean for it to be taken offensive in anyway, i was just joking about my feet aching..
  13. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Volturi/Cullen group pics

    Yeahh she was Edward ^-^ i was Jane
  14. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Complaint about the staff of Hilton

    Yeah! We got scared that they would come in when we were asleep or something being 15 its a scary thought
  15. LilyLovesEdwardCullen

    Volturi/Cullen group pics

    Yeahh i agree with this ^-^ i had taz taking some.. but not many..