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  1. any chance of a wolf party? the last one was on a sunday and my boss wont let me have mondays off work so i really cant stay for them please please a wolf party love you SM and ME XxX
  2. one week from now we'll still be waitin for the next announcement lol lol lol sorry couldn't resist lol
  3. just a random general light hearted wondering. Aren't those 10 days up? Lol i lost count
  4. I took a chance too. I'm still hoping. Can't bear the idea of it not succeeding! i took a chance too i've already met anti winchesters so really was only goin for than vampire diaries side of things. Really really really dont want this to be cancelled i am so excited! Love u M.E
  5. any chance of maybe a hint of a guest or some news on this events. my partner is getting worried this event is gonna be cancelled mean as there hasnt been any guests annouced yet and now its getting so close and still not 1 guest i guess im worrying now. please please help :) love u lots!! lol XxX
  6. jared was so so sweet and lovely he love's his animals so cute! So jealous you met ian! Humm lol Ye i love the park in compared to the hilton its so intimate there so we thinkin meet in the bar with pool table or there's the lobby? Post pictures a bit closer to the time so we know who were all looking for? Lol What did everyone think of this week's VD's?
  7. so your a sam fan a bit more than dean? Me to waited nearly 5 years to meet jared, hope i dont have to wait quite so long for ian lol so your a sam fan a bit more than dean? Me to waited nearly 5 years to meet jared, hope i dont have to wait quite so long for ian lol
  8. i was waitin for someone to be announced too but then my othe half bought tickets randomly for his favourite show stargate so i said right if you can do it so can i and bought myself tickets to roadhouse the same day lol woo and i am so excited! Lol i'm just wantin ian added anyone from VD's would be great but ian would be a dream come true :)
  9. woo so excited about this convention and there isn't any guest announcements yet lol. Would be cool to meet misha again he was one of my favorite people i've met watchin him talk on stage was the funniest thing i've ever sat and watched i was crying with laughter. You ever be to the hotel roadhouse is in? Just thinkin where to meet. After your drinks reception is cool :)
  10. aw oh my god so need to meet him now! Lol you know when you look up to someone so much didn't want to wreck the image you have of them like jensen he was grumpy lol but so want to meet ian now! Which town was that signin in? oh i'm standard btw sorry lol u?
  11. lol ye think i'll be in a t shirt and jeans for that one and will need to be hiding behind someone from the clowns lol. You should defo read the books i love them damon is so funny in them lol. I've liked ian since smallville bless him, so he's sweet in real life? I was scared in case he was a jerk cause i've liked him so long i was scared to follow him on twitter too lol big whimp i know . How about we all meet on the friday night before the party? Would be cool if were all dressed up just a thought :)
  12. humm damon lol i have no idea what i'm wearin for any of them yet depends on my funds lol i wanted to dress up as elena from the book cause she's blond like me lol but i dont know yet. You read any of the books? Might do a clown for the carnival cause clowns scare me lol
  13. misha is crazy lol so so funny would love to meet him again i've never laughed so much in my life! Wow you were at et4 me too and will be at et5 where you from? I live in birmingham so dont have to travel for et got a lot of travelin for roadhouse lol. You dressin up for any of the parties?
  14. anyone read the book? I want to go as elena from the book but didn't think people would get it lol
  15. hey *waves* my name is claire :) i love vampire diaries and supernatural. I've already met jared jensen misha and jim from supernatural so i'm mainly goin for the vampire diaries side of things. I will be draggin my other half with me but am always on the look out the met new people interested in the same things:) so what other con's you been to rebecca?
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