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  1. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but just wondering if and when a date for next march will be announced? Wanting to book the weekend off work for it :)
  2. Mark miller is meant to be in area doing signing for his new comic. Would love to meet him and get kick ass signed. Also buffy, angel, charmed, dominion, hobbit, lord of the rings, , stars :)
  3. Hey is there going to be one? When will dates be announced tickets go on sale :)
  4. Got there before 9, got it about 9:20. I thought the queue's fir some guests (James mainly) wasn't very well planned out. Poor location. Kept getting moved a while trying to get his autograph. Should have been a few stalls out in foyer to make room in signing area. Looking forward to next years, might try Sunday to see if its a bit quieter
  5. Thanks used to having time slots for them. Was getting little worried lol
  6. Will there be a timetable for signings as well? Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone. I have already ordered my photos. It's my autograph's and anything we see in the dealer room. I know when I've been to a show at arena they charge for using card. Will just get some money out and hope its enough lol
  8. Hey looking forward to this weekend. done a few conventions but this is my first comic con. Was hoping to see the schedule by now or am i still a little early? Parking, what times does the car park open and how much is it? we've got early bird tickets for Saturday, what time does it start? can we pay by card , or is there an atm in arena? if we leave can we re-enter? is there a list of stalls in the dealer room? thank you to anyone who can answer these for me!! see you all soon :)
  9. thanks didn't want him selling out. will order my tickets and photo today thanks again
  10. hey looking to book 2 tickets for the Saturday and was hoping to pre-order my photo and autograph for James marsters. i can do all but the last one. will they be adding the autographs to the shop later? really exited to meet him don't want to miss out !!!
  11. So thankful I got one of them folders last weekend. Got a bookmark signed by chaske last year. When I started sorting through all my ET stuff noticed some of the sig has lifted.
  12. I might just wear a pair of jeans and nice top. Can't really afford a new outfit for it, if I want to buy the autograph folder from the dealer room.
  13. What is everyone planning on wearing?? Its the only one I haven't got a clue about.
  14. i'm really looking forward to these themes. Not sure what to wear for Friday night, but sorted for the Saturday and got my slippers done for sunday.
  15. I knew it was going to be pricey but didn't think it would be that much. I forgot about the no advertising rule. At least they are going to be there. Might try and haggle alittle. Has anyone noticed what they've said is true anyway??? I removed all my pic's from ET2 out of them hard plastic wallets few days ago and they were all ok.
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