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    Guest Suggestions

    Joseph Morgan, pleaseeeeeeeee.:)
  2. Kady(:

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN BARROWMAN

    Omg, amazing announcement wanted meet him for so long. I love him. Thank you, can't wait!
  3. Kady(:

    Latest Guest Announcement - JACQUELINE EMERSON

    Mega excited to see the hunger games lot as wouldn't have been able to make the games!
  4. Kady(:

    Charlie Bewley

  5. Kady(:

    promo posters for the film!

    I think Haymitch looks like Billy Rae Cyrus!
  6. Hello, I just heard that Radio 1 are doing a Hunger Games Documentary and they were looking for fans to take part so I emailed and they asked about the convention and they asked for a few lines about the show where it is and what happens etc. They are going to use it in the documentary which will air on radio 1 soon. I hope that's okay , thought it was a good way to get the word out about the show!
  7. Kady(:

    Guest Suggestions

    Ian Somerhalder Anyone else from The Vampire Diaries!
  8. Kady(:


    Ian Somerhalder Anyone else from The Vampire Diaries!
  9. Kady(:

    Who was that person...?

    Um, that would be me. Thank you! I'm Kady.
  10. OMG Best news ever, thank you thank you!
  11. ^^ pretty much this Yeah this, thank YOU.
  12. Omg so happy with this announcement! Can't wait!
  13. Kady(:

    "ET6 Dream Guest Lists" :)

    Ohhhhh.... 1) Kellan Lutz [x] 2) Charlie Bewley 3) Micheal Welch, he's a legend! (Im aware this won't happen but i had to miss et5) 4) Cam Gigandet 5) Matt Lanter (Okay so he's not in twilight but he is Edward in Vampire suck and i love him so i put him anyway ) But instead of Matt I'll take JCB