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  1. i did get my pic with them but the que was so long to pay for it plus i couldnt wait till 3pm as had to leave do you think there is anyway i could pay and still get it?
  2. as much as i would love to have met kellan as i didnt make it to the first one - it does not bother me who comes as i always have a wicked time!!!! although Jackson wud be nice xxx
  3. I've just had clarification from the office that the price is in fact £995 as per the shop, the website is incorrect. Apologies, when answering you we were, like yourself going on the price on the website. thanks for the quick reply, this makes a massive difference. thank u x
  4. so you get the same as the last one and the one before that then? just for £500 - £600 more? Yes it's that price for the same things included as last time. As David has said the price changes based on the event and the guests. Next weekend we have RDA at our Chevron event so the VIP tickets for that are higher than they would have been if the main guest had been Chris Judge for example. With Kellen at this event ME have decided this is the price of the VIP ticket for this event. It's personal choice, as David said, the price is there clear as day, it's up to the individual if it's worth it to them. If the price for this show's VIP ticket isn't worth it for you, that's fine, that's your choice, no one is forcing anyone to buy one. Ok can you clarify something for me - on your website it says the vip tickets are £1495 but in the shop they are £995! which one is it as this makes a massive difference to me buying the other two! thanks
  5. so you get the same as the last one and the one before that then? just for £500 - £600 more?
  6. gone up by almost 50% which is pretty harsh! I know u get to go on meal but surley its cheaper to bid on it in auction? do u get something extra this time as its taken such a huge leap in price? Im kinda gutted coz my friend who has not been before was gonna come n we were waiting for vip to come on sale but cant pay that, coz thats a holiday for me n family abroad for a week
  7. Im shocked to hear any of this and angry, as like many others have spent huge amounts of cash and supported the event I feel passionate about! This is just my personal opinion but maybe it would be better if the guests had like a "green room" away from everyone? also again just my own personal thought ,I think even if whoever did this owns up, they should still be banned beacause to even think of stealing or defrauding the system is wrong! and clearly can not be very nice people!! you are being very lenient to them, and they do not deserve it! I would never dream of even thinking anything like that up let alone doing it!!!
  8. i had a conversation with the guy that did the auction but i cant remember his name?
  9. Yes, that is true. All gold and silver pass holders get this picture. It's been that way since the first ET I think. It has been available for a couple of shows for sure. You pick it up at registration Sunday morning. You can write to the office and ask if they can mail it to you: info@showmastersonline.com ok will do thanks x
  10. is it true that if u were gold u cud get a pic of all guests together for free? coz if so i never got one
  11. actually there was one small detail i wasnt impressed with, and that was at the meal i couldnt order dessert as we ran out of time, yet i paid for the meal! wasnt impressed at all with that but otherwise all good!
  12. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all the crew for making this weekend amazing! I had a briliant time and have absolutly NO faults at all. I dont even have any constructve critisizm! lol x
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