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  1. I loved eclipse - my favourite movie yet by far! There was a lot more dialogue from the Cullens and the wolves, which I was really pleased with, and Bella and Edward seemed more like a couple. This is the first of the twilight movies where I can honestly say I felt like it did the book justice :) The only disappointing thing was Bryce as Victoria, it just wasn't right :'(
  2. I think the same, the new moon and eclipse songs just don't measure up to their other stuff!
  3. It really depend on whether you want guest encounters etc. Personally I get through £100 to £200 depending on whether I'm careful, and not including food. But I do like guest encounters :)
  4. Hi there, That is indeed the case! All 7 guests announced will have their autograph included as part of the ticket! Mark does the same apply with photos?
  5. I think this is really cool, especially because of the new Bree Tanner novel. Might get it signed, and it would be cool to hear her take on Bree. I think this is a great line up, we have a lot of younger guests this time :) All around my age, so again that will be really interesting!
  6. WOW! I read this book a while ago, and loved it :)
  7. Breaking Dawn is due to be released on the 11th of November 2011.... thats 11/11/11!
  8. The Rachel Caine series, Vampires of Morganville are brilliant! I totally recomend them
  9. I'm excited for all of the guests, its an amazing line up :) Although I will admit that Peter is pretty damn awesome, and I'm really excited to re-meet him!
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