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  1. Cam Gigandet, Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz
  2. I went as ultraviolet along with 2 friends who were silk spectre and poison ivy on saturday :)
  3. My plans have changed i will now be going as Violet Song from Ultraviolet.
  4. Aww its a shame but good luck to her hope you get her to another event
  5. thank you for getting him to this event now the games has been cancelled he was perfect as thresh
  6. ^^^ what she said lol a group photoshoot would be awesome
  7. gutted! was looking forward to this event but happy that now i will be attending CM MK. I will have to decided when i can wear my costumes as well might wear the training outfit to CM and effie to London now but we shall see. Oh and gonna have to cancel my room *sad face*
  8. I will be going as glimmer (training) and my friend is doing Clove
  9. sadly no email as of yet but fingers crossed Im still looking for a decent fabric if not got a few im looking at that i need to order swatches of this week. Found Effie's shoes but they are crazy expensive they are by Alexander Mcqueen ....and of course the gold ones are much harder to find than the black ones....have found the black pair on a website at only $157 but they are replicas and only available in black I cant bring myself to buy a pair of Alexander Mcqueen shoes and paint them gold lol it would be a sin Also need to start pulling Glimmers training outfit together :) In fact these are the cheapest in gold ive seen them *goes to cry in a corner* http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALEXANDER-MCQUEEN-...=item3a67ae32de
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