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  1. Please and thank you! I think if it's workable quite a few people could be interested!
  2. Yay I loved her when I met her last time! Such a sweetie!
  3. I was selling the entrance tickets on Saturday and our crazy long queue did not stop coming till around 3pm! Absolutely crazy! Had a bit of a quieter day on Sunday with Kenny but overall enjoyed every single minute and will definately be back to crew again! (If you let me :) )
  4. I don't think you can generally get refunds for any sort of ticket for events in general. I know when I buy gig/concert tickets you only get a refund if the event is cancelled granted yes I know who I'm buying for then and you're also not supposed to resell those tickets the only reason you can is because they don't have a name on.
  5. I have a suggestion for the cons I think a nice "bonus" for those going VIP would be to allow them to have a group photo like golds used to get. They stopped giving them to golds because of the time issues having all the guests out of order for so long but for four VIPs I think it's something that would make the VIP packages stand out a little more. Just my humble opinion feel free to ignore :)
  6. I was in his Sunday encounter, but you knew that but I shall tell you my story. When getting my autograph I said "Bye, enjoy the rest of your weekend" and he was like "What? You say that like I won't see you again" And I was happy Also in the talk I told him he should get a small dog in a handbag so he can take it travelling . . . he gave me a very evil glare :)
  7. It does with the con rate but I'm sure when trying to book there was one that said Breakfast not included
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