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  1. Ah ha I was gonna change mine to a diff pic of me but settled on Felix instead. :)
  2. Operation? Why for you need an operation? I want to watch Buffy on Syfy but Dad's watching Clash of The Titans. Booooo. I really thought he'd be watching Buffy.
  3. I did not just have a donut...honest!
  4. Ooh yummy! Love co-ops own. Don't like the Gadsby brand though. Their cakes etc are yuck.
  5. Woohoo! So it's all thanks to you! Hahaha. :) Hahaha ooh you piggy wig! What did you have?
  6. Americans are odd lol. Your cakes are always so yummy Rhi! Will one be making an appearance at ET8? On my lunch break atm. Munching on orange sultanas, roasted hazelnuts and Belgian dark chocolate buttons (it's one of the punnets that was in my grazebox today lol). Yum! We've got the window open at work and there's a nice breeze coming through. Makes me want to go on a nice long walk somewhere. Such a nice day today.
  7. A replica?? Eek! Sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you then. Although you always do an amazing job so no doubt it's gonna look fab! I'm on my lunch break. Munching on vanilla pumpkin and sunflower seeds from my graze box (Kimi's influence :) ).
  8. I haven't seen this week's yet. Must see if it's repeated. Gah the keds I normally get have gone up in price. Noooo. Eek an aeroplane? That'll be an interesting task for ya.
  9. I still can't get over that cat dress and the palm tree and pineapple dresses from the other week (was it last week?) hahahahahahahaha! We've got The Last Samurai on. I'm thinking of going to bed. It's been a long day.
  10. That would be awesome if you got him one! And tell him to wear it all weekend ha ha!
  11. We'll be going Silver. And shhhh Cheryl you won't have jinxed it. Well if you do go silver you could always sit with the person you're going with during the talks and stuff, just means you'll be sat further back lol. As for the autos and photos hopefully one of us lot'll be in the same group and you'll just have to text us and we'll wait for you. Ah but then your friend would be on their own. Hmmmm...
  12. Me and Karly still need to get ours. Just finished watching tonight's ep of Grimm. Love this series! Looking forward to watching Alcatraz too.
  13. Tee hee hee Thank you! Aww go in the bath now and if he comes home and needs to pee, tell him to bugger off lol!
  14. Hahaha oh yeah! I hadn't even noticed that until you said Cheryl! I've just got home from work. The evil dragon's back this week *grumbles* so I'm glad the day's over. Oooh this dude in 90210 is kinda cute! Sorry pointless info there. I don't normally watch it lol. Lol Juliette, yeah kids always seem to think they know everything hahaha! I'm on a diet too. Lost half a stone so far. 2 more stone to go. Rhi, Matthew's studying 14 GCSEs? Flipping heck!
  15. Nope not the only one. I didn't have any cake either
  16. Mmmm Battenburg. I really fancy eating donuts and custard lol. Hope everyone's having a great weekend.
  17. Ooh Becky, Cheryl, I didn't know you guys live just down the road from each other! Lmaooo Karly your Sunday night outfit is awesome! Ahahahaha can't wait til mine gets here. Tee hee!
  18. And THAT is why I'm not home yet ha ha ha! I'm watching Criminal Minds. Tee hee gotta have my Reid fix.
  19. *waves at Becky* Hiiiii!! :-D
  20. Which Alice costumes? New Moon birthday and Eclipse promo pic. Actually, I also have a Bella cosplay outfit that I haven't worn yet either. Hmmm decisions, decisions.
  21. Thinking about it, I still have a couple of Alice cosplay outfits here that I haven't worn yet. Sooo maybe Alice but I am so getting that wig under control with hairspray this time if I do ha ha! Tempted to do a non twi cosplay and go as Clary again heh heh.
  22. Ahhh those were the days ha ha ha! Or working, eating etc - just like I'm doing now! ET2 is still my most active topic by a long way I'm on my lunch break at work atm hee hee. I had a look and my most active was apparently the ET3 thread lol.
  23. Aww I've missed it tooo. So glad to be back!
  24. Ha ha ha me and Karly already know what we'll be wearing for the Sunday night. Be it the theme or not. Tee hee! Lol! Could it be coz it's the last one ever so we've all come online in honour of it? Lol.
  25. Lmaoooo! <3 Is that Reid??? Coz it sure looks like him. yessss MGG is a sexy beast He IS! I wanna marry him ha ha! I think they should get him for LFCC then I can woo him hahahahahaha!
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