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  1. Where to start...so many memories. Michael Berryman Bernard Hill Adam West Craig Parker Brandon Routh Charisma Carpenter The 3 Hobbits Andy 'The Legend' Hallet Leonard Nimoy Ron Glass Nathan Fillion and many, many more. Collectormania certainly has a lot to answer for...LOL
  2. Margot is one of the best guests ever. Fact! Make sure that you attend her talk. Uncensored, hilarious and inspirational. Spoke to her only this morning actually and she's greatly looking forward to the show.
  3. Andy absolutely loved his time at the show and has asked me to express his thanks to all who stopped by his table. Badger enjoyed it too.
  4. I have spoken to Andy tonight and he will be bringing his pal Badger with him... You are most welcome.
  5. MarkC

    Ewok photo

    The 'ewok' guests are only appearing on Saturday so there definitely won't be one on Sunday even if one is announced for Saturday. I also can't work out if you were being serious when you asked it but...No, they will not be in costume.
  6. Great review of the show. Glad you enjoyed the Margot talk.
  7. MarkC

    Dealer question

    Ingognito Comics also sell protective sleeves.
  8. The period immediately before any show is bound to be the period where things change in working actors schedules that prevent them from attending. It is never a decision taken lightly. Everything is done to try to ensure that this is obviated but sometimes it is simply just not possible.
  9. Usually the week before the show.
  10. Yes. David appeared in ROTJ as a B-Wing Pilot in the briefing scene. In addition to this David doubled for Mark Hamill in some shots in ANH seated in the X-Wing fighter remembering at one point a tea break was called and the crew disappeared leaving him stranded in the cockpit.
  11. MarkC

    Photos and Videos

    My thanks to all who took part in the 'Be The Bat' chant before the Robert Englund talk on Sunday. The @Batsfunko twitter account has the footage and will also be used this next weekend in Bournemouth.
  12. MarkC

    Thank you!

    We.re in Glasgow this weekend if you fancy a bit more of the same.
  13. This query is best sent to the crew email address.