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  1. BasG

    pre Order Refunds

    My refund is now in the bank so I can only assume you worked you magic behind the scenes, @Queen_Sindel Glad this has been sorted now.
  2. BasG

    pre Order Refunds

    Unfortunately I have still not heard anything.
  3. BasG

    pre Order Refunds

    I have just sent my 3rd email regarding a partial refund (Francesca Ciardi not personalised as ordered) to the advertised email address. I would appreciate it if someone from the pre-order team could action it.
  4. BasG

    Show off your stuff :)

    Digital copies of the photo shoots are already available online: https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Glasgow-Film-Comic-Con-2019/C00004gLcIaf45kY
  5. BasG

    LFCC Pre-order = arrived!

    This could have been the case. It was labelled on the reverse as well.
  6. BasG

    Show off your stuff :)

    I noticed them too, great photos.
  7. BasG

    Show off your stuff :)

    No LFCC for me this year but still managed to pick up a nice souvenir in the silent auction Already have signed Highlander, Greystoke and The Sicilian photos so asked Christopher to sign my Kickboxer: Retaliation blu ray: I picked up a Cobra pressbook including 12 stills: I couldn't pass on a signed Kim Hartman / Richard Gibson photo: And finally my Christopher Lambert green screen photo. I regretted not getting it done in Birmingham last year after I had seen other people's photos and I was glad to get another chance so soon after:
  8. BasG

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    Yes, 'main stage' is his talk/Q&A. He will be signing the whole day when he is not away for the talk, photo shoots or lunch.
  9. BasG

    Photo's are up

    Is Jason Momoa's 1666 images on the Saturday a record? Those are crazy numbers
  10. BasG

    LFCC Pre-order = arrived!

    Sometimes a bit too randomly for my liking. Mostly the stickers are at the back. I am fine with that although I personally do not require them. However recently I received a photo with the sticker sloppily applied to the front:
  11. Unfortunately I was not able to attend LFCC this year but I thoroughly enjoy reading all your stories on here. I would have loved to have met Val Kilmer, Lee Majors, Robert Patrick, Ruggero Deodato, Francesca Ciardi, Me Me Lai, Kane Hodder, Martin & Charlie Sheen and so many others!
  12. BasG

    Most straightforward ComicCon yet!

    Fantastic, I'm very jealous. There is a extensive interview with Me Me Lai on the 'Man from Deep River' blu ray. Apparently she joined the police after her acting career and during the video nasty era she was involved in the confiscation of her own films but luckily she was not recognised by any of her colleagues. I thought that was a geat story
  13. BasG

    Most straightforward ComicCon yet!

    Thanks for that @Graphic_Delusions! Did you meet Me Me Lai as well by any chance?
  14. BasG

    Most straightforward ComicCon yet!

    What were Ruggero Deodato and Francesca Ciardi like? I was not able to attend LFFC but sent a Cannibal Holocaust blu ray cover to the send-in service so hopefully will receive that soon.
  15. BasG

    pre order query

    Also keep in mind you are only insured for items lost in the post. The pre order website is pretty clear about accepting no responsibility for lost items. They lost a dvd sleeve I had sent in which luckily was not signed already and I received a signed 8x10 so the damage was limited but I will think twice about sending valuable (i.e. signed) items now although I have done this in the past without any issues.