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  1. I am also guessing Harrison Ford. He would be an amazing guest however almost certainly out of my price range.
  2. Error messages when trying to access the forum

    Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network.
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Looks like Dwight Schultz is doing European conventations again. It would be great to see him do a SM event this year.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    One of my favourite guests ever, soooo nice. I got all excited when I saw The Last Jedi and discovered she was in it haha!
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - LISA WILCOX

    Awesome, been wanting to meet her for a while!
  6. John Young RIP

    I was sad to read another moonwalker has left us. Unfortunately I never got to meet Mr Young.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    I would love to see Michael Dudikoff at a show in the UK. Brian Thompson, Steven Williams, Milo Ventimiglia, Linda Hamilton and William Sadler are all previous Showmasters guests whom I've never met.
  8. XIII went to Amsterdam...

    As a Dutchman I always wondered how the photoshoot queues would work in Amsterdam. As expected then haha. Good write up, glad you had a good time.
  9. Pre-order service?

    They responded on the Showmasters Pre Orders Facebook page yesterday that there will be a pre order service one and they are currently in the process of updating the shop.
  10. Saturday Experience

    Oh and for the first time ever I won a silent auction, £20 for a signed Tom Skerritt/Alien 8x10, very happy with that as I missed the LFCC pre-order deadline this year .
  11. Saturday Experience

    I agree that it seemed quieter than previous years. I am not sure if it just seemed that way as the spaces between the stalls had been increased (good move, no more bottlenecks! ) but I didn't see much of a queue at the doors at any point of the day (i walked in and out a few times throughout the day, I never had to queue). I met Colette Hiller, Shauna MacDonald, Tom Hopper, Staz Nair and Imogen Boorman (I skipped Mark Rolston and Jenette Goldstein as I had met them before and I was on a budget although I am contemplating whether I should get a 'Jenette in T2' signed photo tomorrow...). All these guests were really nice and talkative and all of them allowed pictures as well. The Aliens talk was fun and very, very busy. One of the busiest talks I have ever seen in Glasgow but there always seems to be a lot of fan support for the Alien franchise in Glasgow for whatever reason. I was glad the opportunity for a triple Aliens shoot was provided and I am happy with the way my photo turned out. Unfortunately the Alien shoot clashed with the Tom Hopper/Staz Nair GoT talk and I missed the first ten minutes of it but again a very enjoyable and funny panel. I have just looked up these Le Labo scents and seen the prices, I think I will stick with Hugo Boss I will be back tomorrow, I will definitely meet Ian Beattie and Valene Kane.
  12. 30 minutes is standard for free talks.
  13. If I remember correctly the Goonies double shoot last year was only announced on the Friday before the show.
  14. Some pretty cool late additions!
  15. Who of the Hother Rebels in the top picture is Alan? I had this photo signed by Rune Vindenes in Newcastle a couple of years ago, will be great to add another autograph.