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  1. These Film Fairs look like a lotta fun. Unfortunately a bit far for me to travel to but I received my Susan George pre-order in the mail yesterday and I'm very plesed with it. One for the 'Ninja' collection.
  2. I went back today. Still quite busy for a Sunday. Marina Sirtis' panel was brilliant and often quite hilarious. I have added some photos to my post from yesterday as well.
  3. I had a good time on Saturday but was surprised that it was as busy as it was. I have only skipped one of the Braehead cons since the first Collectormania Glasgow in 2007 but how did all these other people know about it ? The guestlist was fairly small (I could moan again but this seems to be the SM strategy for the smaller events, it is what is I guess...) but everyone I did meet - the 'Allo 'Allo ladies, and Natalie Tena & Jack Gleeson for GoT were really friendly and seemed to enjoy being there. I also did the 'Allo 'Allo combined photo shoot and the Marina Sirtis green screen shoot. I was a bit surprised the Enterprise sickbay was used as a background and Marina seemed to agree ("It makes no sense!" ). I also attended the 'Allo 'Allo and Natalia panels which were both entertaining but I would prefer more moderator questions rather than depending so much on audience questions. One thing I did notice was that there was not a single autograph dealer at the show. I don't know if this event doesn't really work for them? I will be back today to meet Jonathan Watson and see the Julian Glover and Marina Sirtis panels.
  4. Schedule as posted on Facebook:
  5. Disappointing but not totally unexpected. Jonathan Watson was announced on Facebook recently but there is not mention of him on the forum. Is he definitely attending? Edit: I can see he has now been added to the list in the Guest Days & Prices thread. Good news. More 'Two Doors Down' guests are welcome.
  6. I really hope he is! A cancellation was never announced but since the first announcement was almost two and half years ago I have some doubts as well.
  7. I don't know know if they have just been added but photoshoot tickets are on Eventbrite for both days.
  8. My refund is now in the bank so I can only assume you worked you magic behind the scenes, @Queen_Sindel Glad this has been sorted now.
  9. Unfortunately I have still not heard anything.
  10. I have just sent my 3rd email regarding a partial refund (Francesca Ciardi not personalised as ordered) to the advertised email address. I would appreciate it if someone from the pre-order team could action it.
  11. Digital copies of the photo shoots are already available online: https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Glasgow-Film-Comic-Con-2019/C00004gLcIaf45kY
  12. This could have been the case. It was labelled on the reverse as well.
  13. No LFCC for me this year but still managed to pick up a nice souvenir in the silent auction Already have signed Highlander, Greystoke and The Sicilian photos so asked Christopher to sign my Kickboxer: Retaliation blu ray: I picked up a Cobra pressbook including 12 stills: I couldn't pass on a signed Kim Hartman / Richard Gibson photo: And finally my Christopher Lambert green screen photo. I regretted not getting it done in Birmingham last year after I had seen other people's photos and I was glad to get another chance so soon after:
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