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  1. BasG

    pre order query

    Also keep in mind you are only insured for items lost in the post. The pre order website is pretty clear about accepting no responsibility for lost items. They lost a dvd sleeve I had sent in which luckily was not signed already and I received a signed 8x10 so the damage was limited but I will think twice about sending valuable (i.e. signed) items now although I have done this in the past without any issues.
  2. Travelled to Birmingham last year to meet him and now he will be appearing at my local con...Fantastic announcement for Glasgow!
  3. BasG

    Pre Orders

    Bingo, Hellraiser cover signed by Andrew Robinson :-) It arrived yesterday, really pleased with it as always.
  4. BasG

    Pre Orders

    Still waiting on mine as well. I will give it a few more days.
  5. I have to admit I was not as excited about this show as in some of the previous years but I was always going to go anyway. I takes me 10 minutes to get to Braehead by car and even if there had not been any guests I would probably still have gone as it such an easy venue for me to get to where I can park for free and do not have to worry about finding a parking space. Because there were only a handful of guests scheduled for the Sunday with no Sunday ‘exclusives’ I was too bothered about I decided to go on the Saturday only. I went for early-bird as I wanted to get my autographs done quickly so I could spend the rest of the day browsing the stalls and attending the panels. I managed to get all my autos by 10am. The first guest I met was Michelle Ryan. Until last week when she was announced I had not even heard of her but I have become a fan When she was announced it mentioned she was in the Bionic Woman. For some reason I did not know there was a remake of this series in 2007 and I was intrigued. I ordered the boxset online and received it on Wednesday meaning I had time to watch a few episodes before meeting her and I really liked it. Michelle signed an 8x10 and the boxset for me and she was pleased to hear people are still discovering this show in 2018. Unfortunately she did not do selfies (although there was no sign) so I booked a photo shoot for the afternoon after all. I also met the two GoT guests I had never met before - Vlad Furdik and James Faulkner - who were both very friendly as well as Bond girls Janine Andrews and Valerie Leon. Janine was only £10 I believe; £5 pound cheaper than advertised which was nice as normally it is the other way around. My meeting with Valerie was soured slightly when at the end of the meeting with Valerie her minder asked me to pay when I had already paid (I always pay before interacting with the guests). The lady admitted her mistake and apologised but you get to feel slightly uncomfortable in front of a guest. I also met Simon Williamson and Colin Hunt for my Star Wars collection, both of them very friendly guys. Both talks I attended (Bond girls and Game of Thrones) were entertaining a slightly longer that the usual panels at the Glasgow show (45 minutes instead of 30) but unfortunately these were the only two I was interested in. Overall it was nice and relaxing show and there were quite a few interesting stalls as well. I picked up a nice Van Damme autograph from an English dealer who has been at about every Glasgow show and always has some interesting stuff at very reasonable prices and a rare Charles Bronson DVD (Rider on the Rain) I had never seen before. The Saturday was not as quiet as I had feared but I did not witness any queues at the entrance throughout the day.
  6. BasG

    LFCC Pre-orders

    Very pleased with my James Caan autograph. Great service as always.
  7. I still have to buy my tickets but as it stands there is no point in going on the Sunday now for me. Saturday early bird it is then
  8. How about a group photo with the Bond girls? As the Goonies and Aliens group shoots were added very late in the past couple of years I believe there is still hope we might get one
  9. A few nice late additions you have made there SM!
  10. BasG

    Pre orders?

    Glasgow has now been added. http://www.showmasterssales.com/homepage/cat_1491471-Glasgow-Film-and-Comic-Con-Aug-1112th-2018.html
  11. Great news, I thought of meeting her in Birmingham last month but I had spent my budget. I didn't expect to get another chance so quickly.
  12. Although I won't be ar this year's LFCC this is an amazing announcement. I saw Above the Law - or Nico as it was called in the Netherlands - at my local cinema for my 14th birthday. Dutch cinemas did not care much about age restrictions in those days. My favourite Seagal movies are still Marked for Death and Out for Justice.
  13. BasG

    Opinions on the day Sat

    I had a great weekend, I got 19 autographs, did 7 photo shoots and went to 7 talks so it was a fairly busy one. I had a great time and I think this was one of my best cons. On Saturday I arrived at the NEC at 9am. I was not able to get there any sooner as I was flying from Glasgow but not a bad time considering I was going to be there for the two days. My first priority was Adrian Emondonson as I knew he would be busy and he was only there on Saturday. I got number 197 which I was reasonably happy with and I got Adrian's autograph without any problems. Christophe Lamberts and Danny Glover were my headliners but I was not able to get their autographs on the Saturday so I made sure I joined the queue outside at 8am on the Sunday. I managed to get VT ticket number 9 for Christopher Lambert and then joined the Danny Glover queue. I got both autographs by 10am so from then on I could relax and enjoy myself . I feel sorry for the people who missed out on Robert Englund but I am also a bit puzzled why he is all of a sudden so extremely popular? I have always been a big NOES fans and Robert was the first convention I guest I met in Glasgow in 2007 (my profile photo) and I remember how excited I was. Robert has always been popular but I never had any problems meeting him. I must have met Robert at least 3 times and in addition to that I have been to many other conventions Roberts attended but I chose not to meet him. Only so many Freddy autographs I need (and can afford). Whenever I used to get a pic signed by Amanda Wyss, Mark Patton etc. I always wanted Robert to sign it as well when his autographs were £15 and then £20 but at £35 he has become a little too expensive for that in my opninion. I know he is a slow signer because he likes a chat but he must have been the most popular guest in Birmingham even though Freddy vs. Jason was released 15 years ago and he has not been in any mainstream boxoffice hit since then? I saw someone on Facebook complaining that they missed out on a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to meet Robert. Surely it is likely you will have another chance to meet him fairly soon? Have so many people only recently become aware of conventions? Whatever the reason I hope not too many people were put off by any bad experiences and learned a few con lessons: be there early and make sure you go on the Sunday as well if possible as it usually just that bit quieter and in my experience Showmasters on Sundays always try (and more often that not succeed) to resolve any issues that occurred on Saturdays.
  14. BasG

    Latest Guest Announcement - BILLY BOYD

    I didn't meet him because I had already stretched my budget but I was at his talk on Sunday. What a funny guy, had a good laugh!
  15. BasG

    Photo quality saturday

    First time in over ten years of doing photoshoots I was a tad disappointed. My photos from area B (Joseph Marcell and Phil Taylor) were very much overexposed. I was going to ask to have my Phil pic retaken but then noticed everyone's photos looked the same and there was probably no point. I hope I can do something with the digital copy once it becomes available but that requires me to spend more money again. Hopefully no such issues today when I have my C. Lambert and D. Glover shoots.