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  1. Great news, I thought of meeting her in Birmingham last month but I had spent my budget. I didn't expect to get another chance so quickly.
  2. Although I won't be ar this year's LFCC this is an amazing announcement. I saw Above the Law - or Nico as it was called in the Netherlands - at my local cinema for my 14th birthday. Dutch cinemas did not care much about age restrictions in those days. My favourite Seagal movies are still Marked for Death and Out for Justice.
  3. Opinions on the day Sat

    I had a great weekend, I got 19 autographs, did 7 photo shoots and went to 7 talks so it was a fairly busy one. I had a great time and I think this was one of my best cons. On Saturday I arrived at the NEC at 9am. I was not able to get there any sooner as I was flying from Glasgow but not a bad time considering I was going to be there for the two days. My first priority was Adrian Emondonson as I knew he would be busy and he was only there on Saturday. I got number 197 which I was reasonably happy with and I got Adrian's autograph without any problems. Christophe Lamberts and Danny Glover were my headliners but I was not able to get their autographs on the Saturday so I made sure I joined the queue outside at 8am on the Sunday. I managed to get VT ticket number 9 for Christopher Lambert and then joined the Danny Glover queue. I got both autographs by 10am so from then on I could relax and enjoy myself . I feel sorry for the people who missed out on Robert Englund but I am also a bit puzzled why he is all of a sudden so extremely popular? I have always been a big NOES fans and Robert was the first convention I guest I met in Glasgow in 2007 (my profile photo) and I remember how excited I was. Robert has always been popular but I never had any problems meeting him. I must have met Robert at least 3 times and in addition to that I have been to many other conventions Roberts attended but I chose not to meet him. Only so many Freddy autographs I need (and can afford). Whenever I used to get a pic signed by Amanda Wyss, Mark Patton etc. I always wanted Robert to sign it as well when his autographs were £15 and then £20 but at £35 he has become a little too expensive for that in my opninion. I know he is a slow signer because he likes a chat but he must have been the most popular guest in Birmingham even though Freddy vs. Jason was released 15 years ago and he has not been in any mainstream boxoffice hit since then? I saw someone on Facebook complaining that they missed out on a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to meet Robert. Surely it is likely you will have another chance to meet him fairly soon? Have so many people only recently become aware of conventions? Whatever the reason I hope not too many people were put off by any bad experiences and learned a few con lessons: be there early and make sure you go on the Sunday as well if possible as it usually just that bit quieter and in my experience Showmasters on Sundays always try (and more often that not succeed) to resolve any issues that occurred on Saturdays.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - BILLY BOYD

    I didn't meet him because I had already stretched my budget but I was at his talk on Sunday. What a funny guy, had a good laugh!
  5. Photo quality saturday

    First time in over ten years of doing photoshoots I was a tad disappointed. My photos from area B (Joseph Marcell and Phil Taylor) were very much overexposed. I was going to ask to have my Phil pic retaken but then noticed everyone's photos looked the same and there was probably no point. I hope I can do something with the digital copy once it becomes available but that requires me to spend more money again. Hopefully no such issues today when I have my C. Lambert and D. Glover shoots.
  6. Queuing and Layout

    I agree. I thought the queueing system for various guests was a bit of a shambles but I have to give SM their due, if there are any issue on the Saturday they will usually be resolved come the Sunday. Got off the plane from Glasgow at around 8:30 so I knew I wasn't in the best position for VQ tickets. Still queued up before 9 and was in earlier than I had expected but there were no VQ tickets in sights for some of the more popular guests. I missed out on Christopher Lambert and Danny Glover today and will make sure I will join the queue early tomorrow morning. I am glad however I managed to get some of thr more popular 'Saturday only' guests e.g. Adrian Edmundson and Phil Taylor.
  7. RIP Alan Bean

    Just found out that Alan Bean passed away. Very sad to hear another moonwalker has left us. I met him at Autographica in 2014 and back then he seemed very fit for his age and he struck me as a very friendly and humble man.
  8. Guest Cancellation - Sugar Ray Leonard

    Yes, I will do that.
  9. Guest Cancellation - Sugar Ray Leonard

    Has anyone received their refund yet? I ordered the combined photo shoot with Roberto Duran, I assume this will be a full refund?
  10. I am also guessing Harrison Ford. He would be an amazing guest however almost certainly out of my price range.
  11. Error messages when trying to access the forum

    Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network.
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Looks like Dwight Schultz is doing European conventations again. It would be great to see him do a SM event this year.
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    One of my favourite guests ever, soooo nice. I got all excited when I saw The Last Jedi and discovered she was in it haha!
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - LISA WILCOX

    Awesome, been wanting to meet her for a while!
  15. John Young RIP

    I was sad to read another moonwalker has left us. Unfortunately I never got to meet Mr Young.