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  1. Charlie's Angels Happy Days Cagney & Lacey Lee Majors-six Million Dollar Man Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman Huckleberry Finn & Friends Only Fools & Horses
  2. John McEnroe Bjorn Borg Boris Becker Billie Jean King Martina Navratilova Arsenal players from the 1970's and the Invincibles Kenny Daglish Sir Alex Ferguson Eric Cantona Zinadine Zidane Dave Boy Green Joe Calzaghe Lennox Lewis Jimmy Lennon JR Michael Buffer David Hate Jo Bugner Lloyd Honeyghan Chris Eubank Jr Chris Eubank Sr Prince Naseem Ahmed Amir Khan Connor Benn Nicky Piper Alexander Povetkin Richie Woodhall Duke Mckenzie Wladimir Klitschko Butterball Sugar Ray Leonard Pac man George Foreman Mike Tyson James Buster Douglas Evander Holyfield Riddick Bowe Oscar De La Hoya Thomas Hearne Larry Holmes George Chuvalo Sarnie Shavers Michael Spinks James Toney Don King Steve Davies Stephen Hendry
  3. Yes, rest of the cast from American Werewolf In London Tom Bell from Dad Tom Savini John Carpenter William Friedkin and Exorcist cast reunion
  4. Okie Dokie @Raylenth. I'll have to remember to bring my glasses this time, as I am always forgetting them.
  5. I posted in a thread the other day but cannot find it. It was just relating to a guest signers floor plan. Where they will be specifically placed. Is such information available?
  6. Oh well. Blessing in disguise. I'd only end blowing my wadd and be left penniless lol. Cheers @Wrong Name
  7. Hi, when will this be refunded as available funds as I wish to procure another photoshoot? Regards.
  8. Hi, will there be a map available that states where each guest will be situated for signing on the day? Many thanks.
  9. Sammo Hung Jet Li Bolo Yeung Jackie chan Kareem-Abdul-Jabar Chuck Norris Chow Yun Fat Donnie Yen Michael dudikoff John Fujioka Weird Science cast American werewolf cast Goonies Cast John Carpenter Martin Scorsese Steven Spielberg Quentin Tarrantino
  10. Cathy Bates-Misery reunion John Carpenter-Fog/Halloween reunion Hal Holbrook-The Fog Weird Science cast Weekend at Bernies The Goonies Starsky/Hutch/Huggie/Torino Lee Majors Brian Blessed Max Von Sidow Mr T Fright Night cast reunion Ferris Buellers Day Off-Cast reunion
  11. Sorted now Raylenth. I had am earlier schedule. I went back and had a butchers, and noticed there was an updated version . Thank you anyhow.
  12. I'd say currently. Yes. Loved it last year. Met heaps of people and far less chaotic than London Olympia & Excell
  13. Maybe I am blind? Quite possibly so, but just been looking at the Saturday photoshoot schedule before looking at Sundays. And I have an Alan Minter, Ade Edmonson & Joseph Marcell but cannot see them mentioned on the schedule?
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