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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - CAROLINE MUNRO

    Like this guest announcement!! cant wait to meet caroline.
  2. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi all, just an update on my own situation i ended up asking for a refund and received it. Its extremely disappointing as one was a gift but waiting as long as this became unfair. I hope obviously things improve going forward out of all my orders from 2017 i had so many errors it was unreal alot of wrong photos. I praise the mods and QS in particular for all there help and support during this.
  3. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi Launty ive sent another e-mail today to Jason via shop page. Its literally months now. Ive documented all attempts at contact, I was told my refund was currently getting done days ago and it hasn't been.
  4. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi Flibble, I used the shops e-mail address and have begun doing this daily and ive asked mods to give him a nudge a few times QS has been very helpful with helping me get through. I had an e-mail yesterday about my refund but has gone quiet again.
  5. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Understandable flibble, this photo wasn't even on shop page but ive got it at least im still very unhappy that my items from my lfcc order wasn't shipped despite being told they would be ive emailed jason to confirm id like a refund after all emails to and from the shop. Ive had a few ball ups with photos and dedications too.
  6. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Quick update - my Newcastle items have turned up, however ive had 2 issues 1. Ive got completely a different photo to what was requested on one guest and despite having confirmation from jason that my outstanding orders from LFCC would be put in with my Newcastle items they are not here again.
  7. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    I discussed this with my wife last night and we decided we will give it to next friday should they unfortunately not turn up by then then we will look for refund. That way its enough time for updates,postage and anything else. Its truly a shame.
  8. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi guys still no luck with my LFCC items and Newcastle items, still outstanding, and passed the stated times. Can anybody find out if my orders have even been dispatched yet?? Id happily settle on that for an update.
  9. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    I spoke to Jason yesterday I asked him to group mine with my Newcastle items ordered and he agreed so it's just a waiting game now.
  10. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Any help is greatly appreciated QS, Hopefully something next week. Hope you find the ideal solution to the internet problem. Been in same boat years ago, don't think they realise how much issues and aggro can be caused by not providing a service that is being paid for. Cheers anyway QS
  11. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi Bleming, no I've been through them all. The spam folder and that I go through and delete as soon as one comes in so I've checked the trash folder too as a precaution and nothing from QS unfortunately.
  12. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi QS, no luck in seeing your reply unfortunately, my last email was from Jason confirming he had found my orders in September.
  13. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    I will re-check my emails but don't remember seeing your reply. I'll double check now. :-)
  14. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Hi QS, I have tried to send you an e-mail with regards to my outstanding orders from LFCC did you receive it??? I still have two items to be delivered and have spoken to Jason around 3 weeks ago. is there any chance you can give him a nudge when you possibly can??? I have sent emails to follow up and had no reply afterwards.

    Hi everybody, I'm Matt I'm 31 and a forklift driver from Sheffield. I attended my first comic con this year at Sheffield and was so impressed. The time taken to converse and speak to the guests was brilliant. I'm a wwe fan and enjoy tv shows such as Flash,Arrow,SoA,Supernatural,GoT,Peaky Blinders and anything Marvel. My birthday was just last weekend and I recently returned from my honeymoon in the USA where I visited Wash DC,Philly and NYC. I'm meeting Chris Jericho and Fozzy next month which I'm delighted about as well as a stadium tour of Arsenal FC by a club legend (perks of a birthday) please feel free to get in touch and hopefully see you at a comic con!!! :-)