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  1. So glad you enjoyed the shoot! I was the photographer and although I know nothing about iron first this was definitely one of my most favourite shoots! All the guys were up for anything and everything and had so much fun. It was one of those shoots that no one bothered if it ran a bit late as everyone was having so much fun! Thanks to everyone that came to it, it was a brilliant end to a hectic day!
  2. Aww thats a shame! I'm always at Newcastle & Glasgow and probably LFCC now lol (I was MADE to go this year!) , so if you see me come and say hi
  3. That's ok, it was a mental day - I had over 40 shoots in there on Saturday lol Are you going to Glasgow? I'll be with the prop shoot so come and say hi if you're there - Scott will be helping out! He's a bit bigger now http://s124.photobucket.com/user/ditzydalek/media/1030_1068520745776_3476_n.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  4. I am Scott's mum! Did you used to do Lara Croft at Glasgow??
  5. I was the photographer on his shoot and have to admit he was definitely one of my favourites! He was so entertaining and just such a lovely genuine guy! He was so excited to be there and was having a great time, which made it a lot of fun for everyone in the queue, the crew and myself! I hope we do get him back as well
  6. Aww thank you so much for your lovely comments about myself and Gemma! It was a pleasure photographing your lovely family and thank you for coming to see us. So sorry you didn't find the lift, it was just along from us and one of us would have directed you if we had known you were struggling to find it. Hope to see you again next year
  7. I was one of them lol and you are very welcome. Your costume was amazing!
  8. I've pinched the ones of my son as Doc Brown lol xx
  9. great photos! love the cosplay ones of Scott as Doc Brown! xx
  10. another couple from Sunday when I was crewing And "The Nutter" photograph LOL To quote Warwick's tweet (http://twitter.com/WarwickADavis) "Here is a pic of 'The Nutter'. ( yesterday's contest winner. CALL SECURITY! " LOL thanks Warwick! YEY Victoria! LOL At least you weren't named "The Nutter" all weekend
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