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  1. LadyDeTemps

    New Prop shoot

    Brilliant. So many funny photo ideas
  2. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    My maid marian (maid marian and her merry men) is nearly done. So I'm going to have time to make a 2nd cosplay rather than a bought cosplay. Leaning towards a genie in the house cosplay. Genie Adele, female version of Adil or genie version of Sophie are my options.
  3. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Cast from genie in the house Adam morris Jordan metcalfe Kate Sheridan Vicki Longley
  4. LadyDeTemps

    Possible new event?

    I'm probably only person hoping for a winter con rather than GOT guests. (My cosplays have so...many...layers. it's nice not to melt)
  5. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    I was thinking of getting my box set of the series dvd signed. I have to admit that I had a small crush on robin hood from the series.
  6. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    At the moment it's queen atlanna* (Aquaman) on Friday and marian (maid marian and her merry men)** on Saturday. * her land outfit. **bet you have got the themetune in your head now. Lol
  7. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    The cast from maid marian and her merry men....this has nothing to do with marian being my planned cosplay.
  8. LadyDeTemps

    Floor Plan! Now updated

    Now if they could combine both that would be my dream con. Cosplay, meet guests then spend a fortune on fabric and trim.
  9. LadyDeTemps

    Are we getting a Floor Plan ?

    At least I know where to go for supplies if my cosplay breaks. Lol!
  10. LadyDeTemps

    Prop Photo Shoot

    Is it just me or can anyone else not find the prop shoot prices? (Need to work out my budget).
  11. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Ncis, ncis:LA and ncis :new Orleans guests. Ll cool j and Chris o'donnell particularly please.
  12. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Some 80s/90s nostalgia what about getting the surviving cast from knight rider, airwolf and a-team.
  13. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    As we had the other Doctors (who) how about getting jodie for this one?
  14. I agree. More signs please. Maybe a board like they have at train stations with delayed/cancelled/VQ number etc. Outside the autograph area. Rather than having to fight your way in to check numbers.
  15. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Poldark cast please! Also NCIS: Mark harmon Micheal wetherley