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  1. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Ncis, ncis:LA and ncis :new Orleans guests. Ll cool j and Chris o'donnell particularly please.
  2. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Some 80s/90s nostalgia what about getting the surviving cast from knight rider, airwolf and a-team.
  3. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    As we had the other Doctors (who) how about getting jodie for this one?
  4. I agree. More signs please. Maybe a board like they have at train stations with delayed/cancelled/VQ number etc. Outside the autograph area. Rather than having to fight your way in to check numbers.
  5. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Poldark cast please! Also NCIS: Mark harmon Micheal wetherley
  6. LadyDeTemps

    Clapham to Olympia travel on Saturday

    Is olympia station open today? The tfl site isn't being helpful.
  7. LadyDeTemps

    The “Thank You” Thread

    I walked in easy at 10.45 and impressed by the through bag search (usually i get a glance and waved past) although what weapon in could possibly be carrying in my tiny purse I don't know. Lol!
  8. LadyDeTemps

    Olympia Entrances and door access

    Looks like with the train delays in won't get there till 11 so hopefully I won't be joining too long a queue now.
  9. LadyDeTemps

    Underground problems

    My only other option is circle or central and I'm not entering the 7th circle of hell that is the central line again. Hoping it's sorted by time I get into London.
  10. LadyDeTemps

    Underground problems

    Anyone coming front east side. C2c into London is having some delays too.
  11. LadyDeTemps

    Olympia Entrances and door access

    Is there much shelter queuing from the sun?
  12. LadyDeTemps

    Friday temperature

    Ditto. Freezer bread sandwich too. Plus salt and sweet food to replace electrolytes. And fruit for moisture from food.
  13. LadyDeTemps

    Answers to FAQ

    How late can you buy an entry ticket? Could you buy a Sunday entry on Saturday evening or Sunday morning?
  14. LadyDeTemps

    Olympia Entrances and door access

    Cue gene Kelly cosplay.