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  1. LadyDeTemps

    Showing friends and family

    My mum picked out two photos and said I looked nice in them and should put them on the mantlepiece for a bit.
  2. LadyDeTemps

    Day Two

    Decided to have a late start so I don't end up queuing in the rain. Got all my autographs yesterday so I can just concentrate on not being a drowned rat today. Is the train from earls Court to olympia running?
  3. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    Going as osiris from stargate sg1. Loose white robes are going to be so much cooler.
  4. LadyDeTemps

    Floor plan

    I hope the cosplay zone has a changing area like at spring lfcc. As that was so much easier for me travelling up each day.
  5. LadyDeTemps

    Floor plan

    I just top up my data. Don't trust public WiFi #paranoidnerd
  6. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    Well I've changed my Saturday cosplay to a stargate one instead.
  7. LadyDeTemps

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    That's better. I can just about read it now. It helps me decide which day to book which photo. As I didn't want to book then find it was first thing in the morning and I couldn't make it.
  8. LadyDeTemps

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    I can read Friday just...bit Saturday is giving me a headache as I try to read it. I'm hoping it's gets update with higher resolution. Then I can book photos I want and know I can get to London on time.
  9. LadyDeTemps


    Yay! I really want to meet him and I can afford the price too.
  10. LadyDeTemps

    New Prop shoot

    Brilliant. So many funny photo ideas
  11. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    My maid marian (maid marian and her merry men) is nearly done. So I'm going to have time to make a 2nd cosplay rather than a bought cosplay. Leaning towards a genie in the house cosplay. Genie Adele, female version of Adil or genie version of Sophie are my options.
  12. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    Cast from genie in the house Adam morris Jordan metcalfe Kate Sheridan Vicki Longley
  13. LadyDeTemps

    Possible new event?

    I'm probably only person hoping for a winter con rather than GOT guests. (My cosplays have so...many...layers. it's nice not to melt)
  14. LadyDeTemps

    Guest Suggestions

    I was thinking of getting my box set of the series dvd signed. I have to admit that I had a small crush on robin hood from the series.
  15. LadyDeTemps

    All Things Cosplay

    At the moment it's queen atlanna* (Aquaman) on Friday and marian (maid marian and her merry men)** on Saturday. * her land outfit. **bet you have got the themetune in your head now. Lol