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  1. Apparently buses are good option. https://youtu.be/Kh9Xw0M3fag This chap has a few guides to using bust/tube etc to get to Heathrow
  2. Any chance of getting some of the cast of wolf Hall? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3556920/
  3. Yeah that got me. Walked all the way down to station to be told entrance was back on the road end. If there hadn't been someone by the door at that moment I wouldn't have found the entrance. No signs at all.
  4. I've been helpful and put things I clear plastic bags in my big bag before so all they had to do was glance inside.
  5. I always dress for the occasion... Here's hoping they get Paul Mcgann and Daphne Ashbrook for a group photoshoot. That would be so cool.
  6. I'm guessing we won't be told until very last minute because rules seem to change so quickly.
  7. Sir David Suchet...poirot himself would be great to meet.
  8. Just when I sorted my cosplay lineup...they throw in the doctor who meetup. Now I'm questioning swapping my Saturday outfit.
  9. I'm interested to know if there are cloakrooms too as I can't check into my hotel until Saturday afternoon. Really don't want to be lugging case around all day.
  10. Depends on who you want to see and when they are there. If I really want to see someone I'll book a photo as I can't be doing with queuing at crack of dawn to get VQ's. I aim for 10am usually as most of the queue is gone.
  11. Cast of maid Marian and her merry men including... Kate Lonergan Wayne Morris Danny John-Jules Mike Edmonds Tony Robinson
  12. Colin Firth Jennifer Ehle And any of the rest of the case from the 1995 pride and prejudice
  13. I was wondering how the cosplay masquerade is set up with covid precautions? Do you wear a face covering on stage or is it that you take it off, do your turn and put it back on again? I'm just wondering so I know how to work it into my cosplay or skit.
  14. Didn't know about that until googled it just now. Eep! Not good.
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