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  1. Sounds just like a taskmaster challenge they might do. Lol
  2. Any of the cast of superman and lois Tyler Hoechlin Elizabeth Tulloch Jordan Elsass Alex Garfin Erik Valdez Inde Navarrette Wolé Parks Adam Rayner Dylan Walsh Emmanuelle Chriqui Tayler Buck Sofia Hasmik
  3. Well I did Friday and Saturday. Definitely felt quieter more like lfcc spring. But it was quite nice as I was able to get round stalls and get the autograph I wanted. Thanks to train delays I thought I had missed opportunity to get a vq for Amanda Tapping on Friday but managed to walk straight up and no wait. She was really lovely. There was a nice selection of stalls I actually bought stuff this time as it wasn't wall to wall celeb prints and funko pops. Got my photo on Saturday with Amanda and the talk was good. Moving around on Saturday was a lot easier than normal there was even some spots to sit on the floor left when I stopped for lunch.
  4. Friday femme dr Jackson (stargate sg1) Saturday "Dr Sam Carter" the alt universe sam Carter from episode point if view.
  5. Goran Višnjić (just discovered timeless)
  6. Apparently buses are good option. https://youtu.be/Kh9Xw0M3fag This chap has a few guides to using bust/tube etc to get to Heathrow
  7. Any chance of getting some of the cast of wolf Hall? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3556920/
  8. Yeah that got me. Walked all the way down to station to be told entrance was back on the road end. If there hadn't been someone by the door at that moment I wouldn't have found the entrance. No signs at all.
  9. I've been helpful and put things I clear plastic bags in my big bag before so all they had to do was glance inside.
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