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  1. This is very kind. The calls made for this gentleman was a very specific oddity and his patience was much appreciated. Hope all have a fab weekend.
  2. You can use the online pre-order service: http://www.showmasterssales.com/homepage/cat_1444603-London-Film-and-Comic-Con-2018.html
  3. So excited for this announcement - been wanting to meet Jewel for years!
  4. Robert's price has now been confirmed as £35 http://www.filmandcomicconbirmingham.com/index.php/collectormania/9-lfcc-guests/london-guests-filmandtv/757-robert-englund-2
  5. I've seen in the news recently that due to his multiple mini-strokes, Frankie Muniz can't really remember being in MITM -- what do we think about him attending, knowing this? Obviously he has been in other shows/films but MITM is what he is most well known for.
  6. Of course we can hope and dream but Glover is highly unlikely. After the lawsuit, Glover is apparently not allowed to be involved with anything that promotes BTTF. So even if we were to get him, I'm guessing he wouldn't sign anything BTTF related.
  7. MITM is one of my favourite shows so would absolutely love to meet some of the cast. Biggest pull would be Bryan Cranston of course especially with his popularity from Breaking Bad fans! Main guests to meet from the show: Frankie Muniz - Malcolm Jane Kaczmarek - Lois Justin Berfield - Reese Erik Per Sullivan - Dewey Christopher Masterson - Frankie Craig Lamar Taylor - Stevie David Anthony Higgins - Craig
  8. I second this - big Criminal Minds fan over here !
  9. I was his assistant in Glasgow -- awesome news! Can't wait to see him again, a truly fantastic person.
  10. Is there a demand for the cast from these shows? I have watched the Chicagos since they began with Chicago Fire back in 2012. These shows are very popular at the moment partly down to the fact that they were created by Dick Wolf - the guy behind Law & Order. Some of the stars are already hitting the convention circuit and I think it's about time we get them over the pond as it's a series that is underrepresented here. Some ideas for cast members (definitely not a definitive list) Taylor Kinney (Vampire Diaries fans will know him) Jesse Spencer Eamonn Walker (He's from England) Monica Raymund Sophia Bush Jon Seda Jason Beghe Kara Killmer
  11. Hi Clyde, I was the one on the front door who took you guys up to Tatanka - you're very welcome. I'm glad Damian enjoyed his first con, it was my pleasure to help you guys out. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again!
  12. I'll have you know, Rick Moranis is very much alive, haha!
  13. STARGATE IS TURNING 20! I am a massive fan of the show, despite being the same age as it! I have already met Chris Judge a few times while working at events, and am SO excited to be meeting the other 3 that make up SG-1, later this year. That being said, there are some other SG-1/SGA guests that I would LOVE to meet: Corin Nemec (I speak to him on Twitter a lot and he has said he would totally be up for an event!) Ben Browder Teryl Rothery Beau Bridges Claudia Black Cliff Simon Carmen Argenziano Tony Amendola Robert Picardo Morena Baccarin Anna-Louise Plowman Torri Higginson David Hewlett (would love to meet him again) Rachel Luttrell Jewel Staite Joe Flanigan Jason Momoa Paul McGillion David Nykl Kavan Smith Mitch Pileggi Rainbow Sun Francks Christopher Heyerdahl Gary Jones Connor Trineer Robert Davi Kate Hewlett Richard Kind
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