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  1. I tend to ask for portrait depending on height of the guest and if I do a pose where they hug me from behind. Like with James callis we were similar height so it looked better portrait. Also with Jason he was a foot taller than me so landscape would have looked stupid, plus he hugged me from behind. No photographer has said no to me yet, I just ask nicely.
  2. Well i know that, i was trying to make chewer realise that's why she said no lol
  3. Thanks for the reply. I just assumed it was EventBrite that did it. I have had all the other BSG guests refunds within 3-5 days. It's just a bit weird I never even got a cancellation email this time but like I said, the Val Kilmer cancellation was last minute and he's been refunded already. I'll give it a day or two, then I'll email.
  4. Has anyone had their Edward James Olmos refunds yet? I didn't even get a cancellation email like I have had for other guests. however, my friend got his Val kilmer refund already and he cancelled after Edward.... Should I email them?
  5. Serious question... do you think maybe they did portrait for the TARDIS shoot because it's a tall thing and if you had a landscape shot you'd only get a bit of blue in the background rather than an amount of it that shows it is the TARDIS?
  6. I loved Meatloaf, he told me I was 'too quiet for that hair' haha (it's spikey blonde) Billy gunn was awesome, ginormous and lovely. I enjoyed having my photo with Jason Momoa but feel totally mugged off for paying for his autograph... he didn't even utter a hello to me or anything! Just slid my photo across the desk, signed it and slid it back, whilst giving me a grin. That was it. I even tried talking to him, just to say thanks for being there (because I was a bit taken a back that i didn't even get a Hi) and ... nothing. I was so annoyed at myself for doing it and wasting the money. I mean he wasn't unpleasant, just not at all bothered. It ruined it for me a bit, I wish I'd just stuck with the photo (which I love by the way)! But, meeting the above mentioned guests and getting photos with David Duchovny & James Callis really made my weekend! (Especially Billy Gunn, he was my highlight!!)
  7. Thanks! Hope you have fun too. I am going fri/sat for Jason Momoa, David Duchovny & James Callis (fingers crossed haha)
  8. Me too :/ I booked right at the start when Katee and the rest were announced. Starbuck is my no.1 favourite character ever. This year was my first time doing all 3 days, I was so excited. Got ahead of myself and booked a London hotel for Thurs-Sun and now all bar one has cancelled. I am proper heart broken. I'm still going of course, but now only have 3 photos because I am not at all into Dr Who :/ (Kinda wish I was though haha) Also got a bunch of friends going on fri/Sat so I'll see them and still have fun. But I'm still heartbroken.
  9. I need to meet Jeff Goldblum. I would give you ALL MY MONEY. Please get him for London <3 I also have a real need to meet James Purefoy and Mads Mikkelsen (again) I could not get to Birmingham this time :') Also, please bring back Dean Cain. i love him so much!
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