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  1. Hi Just like to thank showmasters for Cardiff comic con on September 22nd September 2018. You gave myself and my mum a memorable day and a special thanks to all staff for taking care of my disabled mum.
  2. Hi You said that schedule for Cardiff comic con on Saturday would be updated on Wednesday but all I can see is Monday post?.
  3. Hi Just asking is this this the correct times for photoshoot as it was posted on Monday. As things could have changed since then.As I am travelling from Essex on Saturday, don't want to be late for anthony head photoshoot?.
  4. Thanks. I am travelling from Essex by car. What time is best to leave?.As it will roughly take 3hs and 3o mins and 4hrs from Essex to Cardiff. I will be leaving on that day Saturday 22nd Sept, for the Saturday convention?.
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me when cardiff comic con photoshoot schedule will be made available?.
  6. Hi Can anyone answer this question. I am going to be attending Cardiff comic con on 22nd September. I will be attending with a wheelchair user. Is motorpoint arena wheelchair friendly and do they have lifts. I am hoping their won't be a problem. As staff may not let us in with a wheelchair. Please help?.
  7. Hi Just liked to know why hallowhedon 2 Anthony head photos are not available to add to cart.As every other photo is available.This for Sunday photos. Is there a technical problem?.As I would like to purchase a photo but I am unable to do so because of this.
  8. Hi Would like to meet Anthony head at London or Milton Keynes.
  9. Hi Will I get my money back for Anthony head photoshoot.As he has cancelled?.
  10. Hi Where will I find times of schedule of photoshoot of Bournemouth film and comic con Saturday 19th may 2018 times?.
  11. Hi Brought tickets for Anthony head photoshoot on Saturday 19th may.Just wondering what time it will start?.As I have to plan journey from Essex.
  12. Hi Yes this is the photo. Anyone that could tell me what t shirt is.I would be greatful.
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