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  1. Guest Suggestions

    has anyone bought tickets yet?
  2. Countdown

    oh 49 days
  3. Guest Suggestions

    I think anyone
  4. Guest Suggestions

    the cast of derry girls
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Nadine Coyle
  6. Guest Suggestions

    Donald Sumpter
  7. Hello i wonder could someone from Show-masters confirm if this Con is still going ahead my reason for asking 14 guests announced tonight AND NONE for Belfast ,now i dont want to hear about contracts and guests i just want to know if going ahead Thank You
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Wynne Evans (aka the Go compare man)
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Frank Mitchell
  10. Guest Suggestions

    katherine Kelly - Sophie Hopkins
  11. Guest Suggestions

    I would say out of all these suggestions if even 1 appears at the con i be amazed
  12. Guest Suggestions

    i love to see David Bradley David Warner Wendy Padbury Lalla Ward Janet Fielding Bonnie Langford the thing is most of these guests are doable to come to Belfast and they will sell tickets and pics photos please showmasters get some of them :-)
  13. Guest Suggestions

    was this confirmed today?
  14. Belfast 2018

    Yea know what you mean ,i hope it would be fairly soon need to plan next years con's
  15. Belfast 2018

    Hello there does anyone know if Showmasters will be back in Belfast in 2018?