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  1. Guest Suggestions

    i love to see David Bradley David Warner Wendy Padbury Lalla Ward Janet Fielding Bonnie Langford the thing is most of these guests are doable to come to Belfast and they will sell tickets and pics photos please showmasters get some of them :-)
  2. Guest Suggestions

    was this confirmed today?
  3. Belfast 2018

    Yea know what you mean ,i hope it would be fairly soon need to plan next years con's
  4. Belfast 2018

    Hello there does anyone know if Showmasters will be back in Belfast in 2018?
  5. Belfast Schedule Announced

    With the schedule out now I say that's the guest line up compete could someone from S/M confirm pleaee
  6. Guest Suggestions

    I would say guys that's the guests for Belfast done,remember it's a business Showmasters will only have a limited budget for Belfast
  7. Hey is Mathew Waterhouse attending Belfast now ? His picture is not on the main page?
  8. Autograph Holders Hard plastic

    Many thanks for reply yea I read some of them before ,I only looking for it to to hold my poster in the queue save having to straighten it when I take it out of cardboard tube
  9. Hi does anybody know who the guy/girl company is that sell the Autrograph holders at the Showmaster events I was going to buy a A3 1 in Belfast for my signed poster more for transport purposes but I forgot so any help would be great ,I sometimes heard them called toploaders ,I did try to google with no joy.
  10. Great stuff ,great guest
  11. Guest Suggestions

    I think everyone should have 1 special guest whom they would like to meet mine is Sir John Hurt
  12. Prop Shoots Announced for Belfast

    Does anyone know if the Tardis prop shot will be back at September,s con as I missed it last time ?
  13. Hey was just wondering the number of guests seem quite light for Belfast this time there is 16 for Belfast and the next week in Manchester there is 22 ,not including the 9 comic guys ,I know Showmasters always say guests can be announced up to the last min ,but I was hoping for a few more
  14. Want a great guest,he's such a Top bloke
  15. Guest suggestions

    Guys some of these guests are brilliant,but remember showmasters is a business and like a business they work to a budget so 1-2 big named guests I say ,so Jenna Coleman and John hurt I say are realistic 😃