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  1. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Suggestions

    Cast of Blood Drive, please!!
  2. Carlosreddevil

    Send-in Question

    Actually, if I could just ask one more question - is it awkward if I want the same send in item signed by two guests at LFCC? Is this do-able?
  3. Carlosreddevil

    Send-in Question

    It's only a 10 x 8 pic, but I wasn't sure how I'd get the hard-backed envelope to send it back in into the hard-backed envelope I was sending it in! But it's a moot point now you've answered my question :)
  4. Carlosreddevil

    Send-in Question

    Thanks, I'd read all through the info but just couldn't work out the packaging bit. Cheers for the reply :)
  5. Carlosreddevil

    Send-in Question

    Sorry if this is stupid / been asked a million time ... thinking of sending in for the first time ever. Do I send in a return envelope / box whatever with the item I send in to be signed? Just trying to work out how to package up the package I'd be sending in! See ... I said it'd be stupid.
  6. Carlosreddevil

    The Chat Thread

    Ok, stupid question from someone who has been to loads of shows but never ordered anything off the online show pre-order page. In the options for each guest you have 'Add dedication' and 'Print Customer Image' ... what does Print Customer Image mean? I can't see info anywhere and just wondered, if someone can let me know that'd be great! :)
  7. Carlosreddevil

    Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    Mena Suvari would be amazing! Make it happen, please!
  8. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Suggestions

    PLEASE can we get John Hurt back? Pretty please!
  9. Carlosreddevil

    Showmasters Forum Exclusive Competition!

    Carl. Rimmer from Red Dwarf!! Cardiff Pleeeease!!
  10. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Suggestions

    Lisa Marie please (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Marie_(actress))
  11. For me it's either Roberta Tovey or Hacksaw Jim Duggan - whilst neither was on my original 'must-meet' list, they were so friendly, talkative and genuinely nice, they made my day having met them both.
  12. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Cancellation - Anna Walton

    Aaaand with that, I now have no autographs to get at all. What a shame.
  13. Carlosreddevil

    Question about gold pass and photoshoot

    You'll only be called in batches if the person is uber-busy, so then it would be Gold Pass Batch 1, GP batch 2 etc then regular batches.
  14. Carlosreddevil

    Groot shoot

    But the updated list of shoots etc for Cardiff does now show Groot as cancelled. He obviously feels he's too big a star for us Cardiff folks now!
  15. Carlosreddevil

    Groot shoot

    You're not mistaken, it was definitely announced some time ago and has *poof* vanished! But the updated list of shoots etc for Cardiff does now show Groot as cancelled. He obviously feels he's too big a star for us Cardiff folks now!