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  1. natedammit

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALEX KINGSTON

    Harsh but fair.
  2. natedammit

    Films watched in 2019

    All popcorn is gross and disrespectful to fellow cinema-goers due to the smell and noise.
  3. natedammit

    Answers to FAQ

    May I suggest Jelly Babies? Sat in a talk? Pop a Jelly Baby in.
  4. natedammit

    Entry ticket query

    In theory checks can be made and ID asked for and entry refused.
  5. natedammit

    General Chat

    Frankly I'd be worried if it weren't I think the trailer looks great.
  6. natedammit

    Answers to FAQ

    May I suggest Jelly Babies? Stood in a queue? Pop a Jelly Baby in.
  7. natedammit

    Films watched in 2019

    So you liked it then?
  8. natedammit

    General Chat

    Ah yes, those were the days, when we all walked round wearing nothing but shiny waistcoats and bow ties.
  9. natedammit

    General Chat

    That one's fine, unless you're talking to Nattie Neidhart.
  10. natedammit

    General Chat

    Nope, it's real chocolate. Also, I dare you to go to Vickie Guerrero or the other wrestlers and use the f word.
  11. natedammit

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    You can do the 1st half of the talk, maybe more if the shoot area is by the stage as it has been before.