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  1. 'Wholanta' just doesn't work at all.
  2. "Captain Ebenezer Picard's log, stardate 24th December 1843: I was visited today by a mysterious spirit. It was probably Q again."
  3. Did he do all the songs? "...after all there's only one more sleep 'til Christmas"
  4. *Issue 47 only £12, due to disappointingly small size of body part.
  5. Never. You're in films, but also tv, you're an animal but not, animated, except when you're not animated and don't wear a hat (maybe in winter). It's staring me in the face. I'll get there. Or someone else may swoop in, please jeebus won't somebody swoop.
  6. I think about this every day of my gosh dang life.
  7. Noddy Holder wants his hat back. Just to explain that joke for the kids.
  8. Noddy Holder wants his hat back.
  9. Not me. Other people seem to think you'd be surprised by how much you'd enjoy it on there. I think you should stay well away.
  10. I think it was mentioned on Twitter. But you don't do that so you missed out.
  11. Do it you know you want to! No. Don't. Money is important. It should not be spent on fripperies. (Birthday money is fine, obvs).
  12. And the real hero of the story, Kevin Costner.
  13. I think Bleming wants to show you his nudes.
  14. It's probably nothing, just ignore them. Stay right here, with meeeeeeeeeeee........
  15. Hmm, accusations of cheating. I guess we need a full enquiry before I go awarding any points. Also, I don't actually know any of the answers to the questions (ignore the fact that I wrote them), so for all I know Ron may be the winner.
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