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  1. xDDD beach party..:s loool thiss event is how the event of london film and comiccon¿?????? whz videos,magazines,dolls,trading cards, tshirt etc..??????? i dont go the beach party ...xDDD
  2. yes this for in the event of lost !!pliss^^ good ideaa!!!
  3. i have more computers+... ;p but i dont talk more HERE!!And i dont insult the first...! bye :] ... xDDDD
  4. YOU ARE THIS, I NOT...!!-- You do realize now if I see a 40 year old bald man with a Northern accent I'm going to think it's Christina ... "AND THE PIC FRIKII... BECAUSE YOu ARE UGLY AND FAT xDD AND DEFINITIVE BIG PATETIC FRIKISS!..xDDD ---- bad event!!! GOOD IDEA THE EVENT OF LOST BUT THE GUEST... ¬¬ for don´t go desmond and for go yemi!!xD ... because he are not goodd guesttt and he have fews fans !!!... important!!!!!!!?? yemiii ¿¿¿ is stupidddd in the shoooowww sorry for say of this way!!! yess yemi is very good?¿xD he have a bad face = identic xDDD ... and he killed to ekooo !!! and the black smoke ok... but also yemi killed to he for eko see to yemi.. ¬¬ silly yemii >< AND BAD GUEST... yemi is diabolic xDDDD ----- and why you know paris hilton?¿... if you hate to she?¿? i thin paris hilton is cool!!! you are ugly ENVIOUS!!! and hello kitty is cutee!!..xD
  5. Christina, en serio, ¿por qué no lo dejas? no merece la pena. Y escribe en inglés o nadie te va a entender. Translation: Why don´t you give up? it isn´t worth it. And write in english or nobody will understand you (although this is quite ironic, lol) PUES SI pero que no hablen de mi entonces si no les puedo contestar!!! y ni me entienden!!! que frikis son hablando sin saber... xD y no merece la pena esto me saca de quizio...xDDD Y SI NO VA IR PORQUE LO PONENN TAMBIEN ES QUE , QUE TIMOO ASI LA GENTE COND ESMOND VA MAS CLARO... Y SI LUEGO LO QUITAN COMO FASTIDIAN ¬¬
  7. jajajajajajajaja xDDD FRIKIII... por diosss como me rioooooo si tanto odio xDD por decir que guest me gustan mas xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And I INSULT BECAUSE YOU to see BEGUN BY THAT I SAY WHOM I LOVE THAT I GO aveís empezado vosotros!!! solo por decir yo mi opinión sobre los guest..!!!con toda la razon del mundo..!!los guest son un asco...y el mejor que va se quita encimna tarde... timoo xDDD
  8. you are very sillyy... for say my opinion all guest!!!bvanned to me xDDD ... good... and NOT NEGATIVI YOu are the friki kid... frikiss sillys ¬¬**!!!and whats up whiz bai?¿? is other guest of lost..!¡ and i say my opinion..!!!you dont understand to me.. xD seriosly?¿? muajajajaja xD HOW OLD ARE YOU xDDD?¿? timoooo de guest..+!!!
  9. That's a very valid point,. Jessalyn was lovely and Cristine was just awesome. Of course it's disappointing not to have main cast members but (and this isn't directed at Henry) they don't always make the best guests. stupidd sillyyy frikiiis xD my opinion is not bad !!! and dont banned to mee ¬¬** because iam good!!! ... anddd jemy is bad guest!!ok!! he is few episodes ...ok!!! andd bai ling the movies are good and also the episodes in lost of she and is one opinion all guests.... or ana lucia..!!!and mikhail is also importan and he go..?¿ i want to see to mikhail..! or gooo charlieeeeee!!!! anddd thiss pleasure!!! why dont go desmooondd ¬¬ this is thymusss >< menudo timoo.. poner la foto y que no vaya..... timoooo enormeeee ><
  10. NARUTO BLEACH SHAMAN KING EVANGELION SLAYERS Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge LOST UNIVERSE FATE/ HOLLOW ATARAXIA KAMIKAZE KAITOU JEANNE jigokushoujo chobits KAREKANO card captors sakura GRAVITATION digi charat pita ten Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan PEACH GIRL SUPER GALS GALISM INSTITUTO bijinzaka Zettai Kareshi TOKYO ANGELS Mint na Bokura NANA PARADISSE KISS LOVE HINA URUSEI YATSURA Ranma1/2 HOLiC Excel saga cow boy bebop GET BACKERS DRAGON BALL 3x3eyes AND MORE...
  11. do you like this¿?¿.... i love galsss Gals Peach girl galism
  12. i love fruits basket!!! xDDD
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