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  1. natedammit

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Don't forget the best bit - there are thousands of potential friends for you to make :)
  2. natedammit

    General Chat

    You work in space?
  3. natedammit

    General Chat

    I agree You're both wrong, but that's fine, it doesn't make you bad people. That sounds better than what actually happened.
  4. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    Yeah, "only".
  5. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    Oh just some weird faced actor. I've got it all prepared for him.
  6. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    I have danced for precisely 37 seconds over the course of my life.
  7. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    Please don't invite Hayley Atwell, otherwise Chris will be dancing all weekend.
  8. natedammit

    General Chat

    Maybe a couple actually.
  9. natedammit

    General Chat

    Thanks. Ouch.
  10. natedammit

    General Chat

    Every incident helps´╗┐ Huh, seems I missed the word 'concert' out. What a numpty.
  11. natedammit

    General Chat

    Oh, also, I once went to an Insane Clown Posse (because I'm supercool) and they spray 'soda' all over the crowd. 'Violent J' punted an empty bottle off the stage and it hit me square in the face. It was Tesco Value Cola.
  12. natedammit

    General Chat

    I once got splashed by some of The Sandman's beer at a wrestling event. That's pretty rubbish, but I just wanted to join in.
  13. natedammit

    Guest Suggestions

    Are we both having a crush? And why wouldn't you?
  14. natedammit