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  1. Disneymaniacus

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

    Will the blue photo from Octopussy also be available?
  2. Disneymaniacus

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

    They have changed the announcement photo on Facebook for her and has a photo from A View to a Kill.
  3. Disneymaniacus

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

    Thanks, I did just saw it. Now we only need a photo of her in A View to a Kill
  4. Disneymaniacus

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

    Thank you, I've been looking for stuff myself, but no luck
  5. Disneymaniacus

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

    Is there anyone that has more information or photos of her in the James Bond movies? I've been looking online, but can't find any info. Not even her photo that is used here in the announcement.
  6. Disneymaniacus

    Near-by hotels

    I'm staying at the Ibis Budget London Hounslow which is a short trip by Tube to the venue.
  7. Disneymaniacus

    Photo shoot Timetable

    Normally guests will do selfies when you also buy an autograph. If there is a guest that doesn't do selfies it will be made clear with a note hanging behind the guest.
  8. Disneymaniacus

    New to Venue

    If you are coming into the square from Bedford Way the entrance to the show will be on the left hand side. Coming in from Woburn Pl the entrance is on your right hand side.
  9. Disneymaniacus

    New to Venue

    The Royal National has a big courtyard in the middle of the room with entrances. A banner is normally placed on the side where the show is being held. It's really easy to spot normally.
  10. Disneymaniacus

    Guest suggestions

    The London Film Fair isn't as near as busy as other events like the London Film & Comic Con. If you are only after a couple of guests I would say you can arrive after 10am so no early bird ticket needed. An early bird would be more interesting if you were after specific merchandise and you want to be the first to get it.
  11. Disneymaniacus

    Jim Dowdall attending

    I was just looking at the pre-order shop and saw that Jim Dowdall is being offered. After looking at the photo shoot store (Eventbrite) I found his name again. The website hasn't been updated yet and nothing on Facebook has been announced, but I think we can be certain he is attending the upcoming show
  12. Disneymaniacus


    Great announcement; looking forward meeting him But I need everyone's help (or at least from the people who might know). I can't find a whole lot of info about the stuff he did. Does anyone have more information what he did or who he played in the following movies: The Spy Who Loved Me Never Say Never Again Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom A View to a Kill Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves GoldenEye Tomorrow Never Dies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  13. Disneymaniacus


    Maybe she has decided she doesn't want to meet you and you are on the blacklist and can't order a photo shoot because of that
  14. Disneymaniacus

    Guest suggestions

    Since there wasn't any suggestion topic yet here I thought I just start one. Some names that I would love to meet: Paul Springer Colin Skeaping Vic Armstrong Wendy Leech Brian Harris Malcolm Dixon Amanda Noar Jim Dowdall Milton Johns
  15. Disneymaniacus

    Photo shoot Timetable

    Had a nice day :) Good to hear you had fun.