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  1. Disneymaniacus

    Photo shoot Timetable

    Had a nice day :) Good to hear you had fun.
  2. Disneymaniacus

    Photo shoot Timetable

    London Film Fair is not near as big as LFCC; it's just a nice little show with nice guests every edition. There is always only 1 photo area which is always near the guests. Just enjoy and have fun (I know I will tomorrow at the show).
  3. Disneymaniacus


    Kim Neve has been removed from the website today so I think it's safe to say she has cancelled.
  4. Disneymaniacus

    LFCC 2020 - dates confirmed

    I like the way you think
  5. Disneymaniacus

    LFCC 2020 - dates confirmed

    Just leave it as is so you don't need as much time next year
  6. Disneymaniacus

    Guest Announcement Friday 30 August 7pm

    Didn't know you like Orange Is the New Black
  7. Disneymaniacus

    New 2020 Dates London Film Fair.

    Excellent! Booked my flights for the first 3 shows to get a good rate!
  8. Disneymaniacus

    Next years dates?

    I know, but because I have to book flights to London I would love to know when the dates for next year are announced. I already have my flights booked for September and November :)
  9. Disneymaniacus

    General Chat

    Thanks for the quick response. I will wait with booking a flight and hotel until SM confirms the dates :)
  10. Disneymaniacus

    Next years dates?

    That would be for the London Film & Comic Con I guess, but I'm talking about the London Film Fair
  11. Disneymaniacus

    General Chat

    A question to who might know. I read somewhere that next years date are July 24th through 26th. Are these dates correct and confirmed?
  12. Disneymaniacus

    Next years dates?

    I know it's still a long way until next year, but I was wondering when the dates for next year will be announced? Because I have to travel to London from The Netherlands I need to book my plane tickets far in advance in order to get a good rate. Wouldn't have to be all dates for next year, but the first 2 dates would be nice to know.
  13. Disneymaniacus

    General Chat

    I wish I had 5 pound notes to take with me to the show, but sadly the ATM only gives 10 and 20 pound notes. And even if I went to the exchange bureau here in The Netherlands they would give me 10 and 20 pound notes. Just hope the crew at the guests don't hate me for it
  14. Disneymaniacus

    General Chat

    Heathrow Airport is already stating that they have contingency plans in case the strike does happen to make sure that flights will continue.
  15. Disneymaniacus


    Warder is correct, but Warner aswell. If you look at the bottom of his IMDB page you will see Warner mentioned under "Alternate Names".