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  1. The announcement on Facebook states that she is no longer attending September and will be attending the show in November.
  2. I will not be able to watch Mulan ever again in the same way
  3. She's still on the website in the guest list
  4. If you look in the shop there is actually a duo shoot of the 2 ladies
  5. An announcement was actually made this morning on Facebook.
  6. I've heard nobody about this yet, but Milton has been taken off the website; he hasn't been listed on the website as cancelled, but here on the forum if you check the Guests overview he is listed as cancelled
  7. I might be wrong, but I think there are 2 Jasons so you aren't mailing the same person through 2 different emails.
  8. I have already cancelled my flights from The Netherlands and requested vouchers. Even if it would go ahead I wouldn't feel comfortable going to such a big event in these strange times. I do understand if the UK is putting the quarantine rule in place, but I really hope they will understand the impact.
  9. Sorry to hear that for you, but doesn't say anything about the future of the convention. July is still a long way to go and nobody can predict what will happen. Seems a bit premature for a hotel to cancel bookings up till 1st of August.
  10. I heard Wuhan is really beautiful and quiet this time of year I will show myself out
  11. So glad I'm attending both edition this year again so won't miss out :)
  12. I can confirm 100% that he was Nikto on the skiff fighting with Lando; Paul Weston broke his leg during the stunt where he falls off the skiff into the pit. If he played the other Nikto I don't know.
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