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  1. we will get big names soon sometimes its just dates time ect like said here
  2. i am really really happy about this one wanted him for year's
  3. just going to throw this out there chances of jonathan groff in future?
  4. i aint saying i want it to stop the more the better i hope we have guests up till the event
  5. hopefully the final few guests around the 30th day
  6. forbidden planet might make a print like they have done in past
  7. well its Friday maybe a guest anncoument but i wouldn't be surprised if not
  8. i hope to meet Greenridge again and get a double with millie when she dose them
  9. same its been a while since we had a post before them and they just appear
  10. the twitter has been taken down? https://x.com/Showmasters/
  11. think of what happened to the twitter page?
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