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  1. DCGIRL1987

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN SIMM

    Ohhhh such a reasonable price meet him at LFCC a few years ago and will be purchasing again
  2. DCGIRL1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Richard Madden Eva Green Timothy Dalton Johnathan Rhys Meyers Martin Freeman Sophie Turner I actually dont mind who there is usually someone I get excited about I go for the atmosphere, people and the sweet smell and taste of the fudge/cupcake stall
  3. DCGIRL1987

    Guest Suggestions

    Sir Derek Jacob Richard Madden Martin Freeman Nikolaj Coster- Waldau Iain Glen Aiden Gillen Michiel Huisman Mark Addy Tom Hardy ( if I wish very hard this could come true lol) KJ Apa Cole Spouse Johnathan Rhys Meyers Chris Hemsworth You know just a few just going to se3nd a few prayers to the comic con gods you never know
  4. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    I have to be otherwise I wont be allowed to come this is an important part of my social calender
  5. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    After promising my family no more comic cons I can safely say hotel and travel arrangements have been arranged LFCC showmasters have my money but shhhhh dont tell
  6. I havent been on in a while but yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy dance round the office best Friday news
  7. DCGIRL1987

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Thank you I was going to try tinypic as im not sure how to do it on my flickr account an advice on what to do with that I literally am the worst when it comes to technology I miss copy and paste
  8. DCGIRL1987

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    22 days after the event looking at your wonderful pictures still trying to figure how to upload mine
  9. DCGIRL1987

    Guest Suggestions

    If showmasters spring are rearranging guests who couldnt attend in the summer I put my fingers and toes together for Ian Somerhalder as I didnt get my salvatore sandwich this year
  10. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    It was a lovely surprise and someone that I really really wanted but I must admit by the time I spent the money I already had on guests that I pre planned there wasnt much left having a bit put by is something to consider for next year. I did go over board with pre buying this year after 5 DP Passes and ten pre booked photo shoots Im pretty impressed with who I did get and meet just unlucky it wasnt any of the Doctors
  11. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    9 days after con I still have post con blues and in doing so have booked a hotel for next year and started saving after not getting David Tennant due to blowing my budget on someone else I will not make the same mistake again
  12. DCGIRL1987

    Are you missing the Con?

    This time last week I was rushing home to pack my bag to leave now I am sitting in a box office with no air con facing a Friday at work thinking how will I spend my money this weekend if not on autos and pop funko merch
  13. DCGIRL1987

    Wrong Name's Wround Up LFCC 2018

    what a great read glad you had a cool time
  14. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    its Tuesday con blues with blistered feet and an empty purse wouldnt have it any other way
  15. DCGIRL1987

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    If this was the case from the start then it would of been fine its so of putting when you see the guests entourage grabbing people and telling them off, and shouting at you. To me no posed photos means no selfies but its ok to take photos while signing and in the queue. Dont get me wrong this is no way SM or Zachs fault its just embrassing for that guest and attendes this should be stipulated way before attendes come in overall Zach was a great guy during the sugning and photo area.