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  1. DCGIRL1987


    if you have ever got to touch this mans arms then you know how amazing they are if you havent i suggest you get card out out now you dont know what your missing
  2. DCGIRL1987

    LFCC 2020 - dates confirmed

    ohhhhhhhh im so ready for this hotel already booked yahhhh
  3. DCGIRL1987

    Guest Suggestions 2020

    I wont to go for Paul Rudd and Henry Cavil at some point the comic con gods will cave of me asking and just get him for me
  4. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    havent been on in ages thought nope I wont put myself though the upset of not going to LFCC spring however after the announcment of Tom Hopper (hello sexy arms) and Clark Gregg well that holiday just got moved oops, promised myself I would behave and limit the cons
  5. DCGIRL1987

    Great day at LFCC but...

    Six years in a row we went and this was the first year we had an issue like that normally we go early in the week on the trip but had to go over a weekend for this one. Meant everything was busier and heightened emotions think it may be something to do with the fact we where two woman in our own and not with a family however if you queue for two hours ur not gonna give up your spot no matter who it is. It’s because I’m rubbish at talking back I have terrible luck in that sense been told to speak up more i for peace lol
  6. DCGIRL1987

    Great day at LFCC but...

    This happened in Disney a few years ago for me, me and my sister in law got to light show 2 hours early pitched a good seat but not right in front of the fireworks of to the side so not in the way of kids, about ten minutes before a couple with there’s kids banged into us and told us to move out the way because there children, when we said no they got pushy and keep pushing us when we didn’t move the dad got quite angry and verbally abused us and then hit me and my sister in law around the head, let’s just say after we weren’t moving and he got a kick in the shins
  7. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    So many times iv been disappointed on this front iv been told it’s not the inches that matter
  8. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    That’s where iv been going wrong lol
  9. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    I’m sure someone on here with know the photo graph print outs does anyone know what size they are iv been to every shop this weekend to find suitable frames are they still 9x7 or have I got this wrong or is there a photo frame out there that I can put each one on. Don’t want to large ones as I’m running out of wall space lol
  10. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    There the ones to tell me to spend more money at con so they must be right lol
  11. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    im afraid to ask who they are if its they tiny voices in your head I always find its best to listern to them lol
  12. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    serious comic con blues I hate the period after feels like I should be packing to go somewhere now have to wait till winter con (sits here staring in to time and space until next con hurry up November)
  13. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    thats the one I went to see gave me a piece of paper saying refund saturday and i had to buy a new one for sunday its good to know someone else had the same thing most people I know swapped for table selfies
  14. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    arrrhhh ok I have already emailed them but i was giving another few days before I get a reply was just seeing if anyone else had this on the saturday
  15. DCGIRL1987

    General Chat

    hello just wondering if anyone else on here didnt go to the Matthew Illard shoot on sturday as it was over runnning we where told it might not even go ahead we could either go to his desk and have a selfie or get a refund. I went to the info desk and asked if i could swap instaed for the Sunday only way i could do this was buy again and get a refund on Saturday. She gave me a scrap piece of paper that had my order number and write refund due to over run which I took a photo off and took my orginally printed photo sheet number of me has anyone on here did the same and has had an email even suggesting refund process