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  1. Hello everyone Its been a while since I have been on here I attended Saturday after much delibration and a last minutue decision I decided to bitwe the bullet and go Saturday I new it meant missing my acess pass process but I only wante da few things and thought I can handle the queues that day I wont write on the facebook pages because at most they are toxic so im going to be suggestive on what was good and what could be done better on here as its a nicer community. As someon who has attended these cons since the start of Earls court LFCC has a specisal place i my heart. Mainly becasue of being accepted for being a nerd, talking to like minded people as yourself, making new friends and coming away with a sense of being at home, this has wained over the years. I understand the popularity of the evnt and it becoming wider spread and the magic slowly startd slipping away to one I sometimes dread knowing how ill I will be straight after,, do i keep coming back yes thats my CHIOCE to do so and if theres a guest I want yeah I would come again 1) Firstly on the Saturday trying to gain entry to the building without my access I queued with all the general entry. At times I have brought gold passes but they have seem to have lost the worth in the fact you are still put though with gerneral, still have to wait in queues and no value for money I perfer to buy diamond passes and early entry. That being said you just couldnt get in the building took roughly around a hour and a half to get in the, they where slow due to capcity I do blame oympia and LFCC for this i would say lack of comunication on both parts. Due to the heat they couldnt let everyone in. In this kind of scenerio tickets should be sold at a capicity of what would happen in the case of an emergency situation and capped. Then opened to the general public on the day for oversales I know it means selling 3000 odd less entry tickets but in July middle of summer this was gonna be issue from the get go. Oympia should of advised Jason of this and that should been done long ago especially as its under construction 2) Once in lack of signage I spent a long time wandering round trying to find where I needded to be only to miss what I needed, A few maps dotted around was all I could see as I am now particaly deaf and blind it seems this wasnt for easiest to spot without having to try and squeeze though thongs of people. YALC on the same level as guests I got completely turned around and to fair quite enjoyed the YALC never seen it before and brought a few books to try. Yes I am not a teenager but I will read anything so it was nice they where easy accessible and made a difference in just buying from the usual stalls, however due to capicity I know they use to be on a seperate level to help with congestion, They should of had there own section away from where peopel where tryin to cross over to guests and photo studios 3) Staff and volunteers now I understand most are volunteers some where helpful and kind others dam they can make you come away crying. In pervious years I have spoken about disability and the rudeness of the staff making comments etc I saw an autistic boy being shouted out till he had a meltdown by a member of a Red shirt staff on Joesph Quinns queue and my heart went out to him. I understand there was staff shortages cant be helped but maybe look in to the reason the staff are not coming back. They need training, staff hand books and clear instructions in each section for what there doing maybe even an online induction a week or two before could help solve this issue especially with new volunteers. Its an idea and with such a large event spread on many levels this coulkd be an opportunity to help tackle the issues with staff not having a clue what to do 4) Barriers time to lose the tape and use what oympia surely has to offer metal barriers. I hate them but I hate being pushed and shoved even more. Microphones for the staff even the little pouch ones an a board they can hold up for photo areas, the ones that did make an effort to get sorted looked like they had an overal nightmare trying to get people to hear or listern. Some people may be deaf, blind,wheelchair bound, have adhd and autism that affects the senses need to start catering for all now. 5) The pie shaped signing hall was never going to be geat not all LFCC fault due to the work going on Oympia doing the best you can with the space provided, however the big named guests as Jason has wrote was out in the open so people could see and look at the guest. Hindsight I liked it but you where pushed and screamed at by the staff to get away so in theory a great gesture but your then screamed out for doing the one thing Jason has mentioned in his statement. If thats the case back behind the cubicles they gobecasue not only did it cause complete chaos it meant trying to get to the guests you actully wanted more impossible. Queues crossing each other over each side. Was there over sales in the diamond passes absolutley, Should batches be capped YES 100 percent. 14 batches plus diamond for Joesph quinn and prop photos this is a lot for one guest who has never done a con in his life even to me Im exhausted seeing it all 6) Diamond passes i really hate them as someone now on a lower wage trying to work on lower income they have become the bane of my existance I perferred the days of VQa and batch numbers and taking your chances it gives everyone a fair chance of succeding, I am always in the mind that if it dont get them then its not worth crying about I can hope to get them another time I perfered those days much more because by the looks of it over the last few years even diamond passes arent getting what they paid for. The premium rate on them isnt just a little either its gettng to the point that it can be up to £50 etc for the passes. If so cap the rate at £10-15 max your still making money and being fair to the consumer. 7) Photo studios A and B where to close together and the rest well I couldnt even find the rest, to close to walk ways become a complete hazard and dangerous for those with diabilities etc., prop shoots should be constructed in a sperate area and accessable away from stalls, stairs, and the restaurants and blocked of if your using them for guests 8) I love the space and all the stalls on the lower levels, however the stalls between the two areas need to be removed causes congestion and should be more free flowing btween the two areas, im looking at a health and safety aspect if there is a fire, bomb or state of emergency they are blocking a vital entrance and exit 9) No refunds just vouchers, its big no for me a refund should be given on cancelled guests I understand about entry if the people cancel thats your chioce to attend or not, your not giving loyal customers the chance to choose and having to use them at a next event. Now for some people they may not make it the next event just saying, keeping there money and making them use vouchers is what put me of pre buying for this event and doing so last minute I think thedse points may cover all the issues here I personally went away with no photos or autos I wanted I looked at what was going and went this isnt for me I grabbed some americain candy, some brownies and headed of and decided to go see the play Mad House instead where I was front row at a bargin of £25.00 quid, i also got my pay book signed, I was very grateful I just found the whole LFCC this year stressful and a littl bit to much I rather lose my money and come away with nothing than try and hold on to the end of the day, I think this just made me happier and seeing the play and eating out was the better decision Next year it will be a big decision for me to come as I do not like the idea of having vouchers if something happens thats my person chioce I respect others that do not mind this system at all, I mainly will come for my friends and the choclate fudge man
  2. Hi wondering if anyone has had the same email, I recently sent an email to london film expalining that I am unable to attend next July and November I can only attend one day due to not coming back from holiday until that friday of the event. I said Im happy to have my money transfered over to the saturday to spend including the weekend ticket that I wont be fully using I had an email thats the same as this statement above with if you unable to attend in full both events then I still have to wait till next july for a refund Bit confused so I do want to attend the saturday in novmeber I would have to repay for the tickets and all the photo shoots I have already booked and then wait for July for a refund. Im gussing they have sent me a generic response and not really read the email I have sent do you think I should wait and email again as I dont really want to pay twice for the event
  3. I can see this from both sides and this can be deleted if not allowed The Novmeber dates where already announnoced in March of this year, a postponed event would be if new dates where given and the event was a seperate from any advertised events published by SM themselves. Therefore making it a cancelled event not postponed. Dont get me wrong brilliant I like the idea that all the guests have merged in to the Novmeber dates and hopefully this is the event that will make up for the rest of the year nopt being so great The technical part of this is now that your tickets have been roled over, brilliant for those who can attend or would perfer to hold of to next year, as stated before myself I cant plan anything for next year an looking at dates I am already on holiday. With the novmeber one 3 days isnt something I am able to do I have looked in to it and at the moment It may be possible to do one day at a push there fore I would waste an lose out on a three day entry Mayb SM could reconsider maybe either stating that the credit notes could be applied for any showmasters events around the country not just the two covered for those who wish to attend any other event with mayb an unlimited time scale on to use this for many the issues will be traveling in and out from the Uk some countries may not be open by then. Also those who can not attend should be given the chance to decide themselves to role over or have that refund I can see the positives that many of these guest can make the November dates this is great I wish I could say for certain that I could go theres so many I would want to meet and I love the event it self always feels like home to me However I can see why after so many cons falling that people are a little bit scared of what this means and what could happen in a stressful time where people do not have much money and being made redunadant from there jobs levels of anger are high, and sadly people dont always think or see clearly in time of stress and uncertainty
  4. karen never went to school and spends all her time on social media she also apparently has a PHD in diseae control (disclosure: nothing against anyone named Karen )
  5. Jared padelkecki Jensen Ackles Henry Cavil Paul Rudd sean Magurie Men Dean Cain Michael Rossembaum Tj Thyne Bradley james Dominic Sherwood Johnathan Rhys Meyers hot men Mark Paul Gooselaar Mario lopez Jospeh morgan Tom Holland Chris Evans (not the radio 1 dude) Kit Harrington Russell Tovey Alexander Dreymon I will take any of the above thank you
  6. Like most companies LFCC will be waiting on government guidelines before being able to confirm or deny what is happening will Julys event. Unfortuanely people who are traveling around the world and country there is physically nothing LFCC can do until this point. As many have pointed out there will be guest cancellation and venue cancellation fees if they choose to stop it now. they will be unable to claim any money back if they themselves choose to cancel the event (if this happens think about it LFCC loses money in the long run means any events in the future may cost more to recover any money they have lost and we dont want any price increase) With the decision of SDCC im guesisng as the event is a week long 24 a day comic con that has millions of people from over the world coming to it that the USA governemnt has decided this is deemed as a public health risk but then who is to say in a few weeks time things could of been different Is is stressful for some yes, at this point there is absoluelty no information showmasters can give until government have decided what to do and if we go by the media (which Isuggest maybe not as government and the media lie) there is a vaccine being rolled out before the summer. Showmasters, the news and the government and karen on facebook who knows someone who knows someone can not predict the future. As anyone else who has invested money in it I would like the con to go ahead even if I had to wear a face musk and be sprayed down with disinfectant (hopefully by a hot guy wearing nothing but his boxers sorry i digress) but it is just a waiting game If it doesnt happen I hope to go to a future event and catch the guests I wanted at summer
  7. no it really isnt sure there is worse things to catch in london than coronvirus
  8. personally I have been to london every weekend to large events over the last six weeks including london spring con and another massive convention and not once have I felt at fear or frightened in to thinking I will catch something you just gotta take each day as it comes
  9. had to take my self of the facebook page today as a person has put a statement up saying the event is cancelled because of the coronvirus and people are gonna lose there money. I have had enough of everyone scarying each other and need to be amoung people who can understand the event is over four months away anything can happen
  10. did domeone say caramac im all over it
  11. and to add henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henry cavil henryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycavillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  12. each year i make a wish list and sometimes you listern yah Jared Padelecki Jenson Ackles TJ Thyne Matt Ryan Michael Rossembaum Dominic Sherwood Matthew Daddario Francois Arnaud Dylan Bruce Jason Lewis Paul Rudd Tom Holland Peter evans
  13. Lfcc use to be just the only con available now everywhere has one, last year I did 7 different cons including lfcc spring and summer this year I have 6 again spread out, the good thing is there is always someone new at lfcc and i dont get upset if I dont get them because I have to set a budget i use to spend about 2-3000 at lfcc each year had to cut back but it doesnt hold me back
  14. Guessing like last year there was an even going on at the same time so we had to go though one entrance and then take a long walk round to the front however I would say follow the crowd, its posted and there is people there to guide you. I always ask where do I need to go to one of the memebers of staff if I get lost
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